Top 10 List of High Fiber Foods for Healthy Lifestyle

Are you looking for foods rich in fiber it is little tough to provide your body with the right amount of fiber?

If you are not a vegetable lover as most of the vegetables have a considerable amount of fiber in them.

However, you do not need to worry because there are many other options too along with the vegetables.

Fiber is necessary for proper metabolism and healthy digestion of food and also it helps in cutting down the carb content of your food.

If you are one of that person who loves to eat in restaurants but also, you want to keep yourself healthy then you can find some healthy restaurants in your city that serve you different fiber content foods.

According to the FDA, the daily requirement of fiber for women is 25 grams whereas, for the men, it is 38 grams.


Here attempt such food items which contain a high level of fiber:



Let’s start with a vegetable that is not only rich in fiber but also has various other vitamins and minerals.

Only one cup of broccoli contains 5 grams of fiber and this amount is enough to keep the bacteria in the gut alive and active for proper digestion.



This is a fruit that goes with every preparation almost whether you prepare a salad or a toast.

You can have it anytime and fulfill your body’s fiber requirement in only one cup. One cup of avocados contains 10 grams of fiber.



Not all but whole grains contain a substantial amount of fiber and they are very good for your health. If you have whole wheat bread, oats, and brown rice they are full of fiber.

If you have problems related to digestion of food you can better switch to whole grains rather than having processed grains.

Dried dates or prunes:


The amount of fiber content and dried fruits might amuse you and dried fruits like dates, figs are delicious to eat as well they contain sugar which is known as sorbitol and this helps in comforting your gut and helps you pass in your bowels easily.



In one serving of any kind of nuts you can consume three grams of fiber, apart from all the protein and the nutrients nuts contain.

Nuts are healthy in every way if taken in the right quantity.



Veggies are one of the great sources of fiber and here is another type of vegetables that has a lot of fiber in it.

Beans and lentils can fulfill a significant portion of your fiber requirement on a daily basis if you have only one cup of it.

Also in a half cup of shelled edamame, you can get nine grams of fiber.



Love fruits and berries you can get four grams of fiber from a cup of blueberries which is fresh and juicy.

The similar amount of fiber can be obtained from unsweetened frozen blackberries.

The other berries like strawberries, raspberries, and others also have the same amount of fiber content.



Are you shocked to see this on this list? Yes, popcorns do have a good amount of fiber content in them.

If you have it without the butter and chocolate coverings as they serve in the movie theatres you can get a good dose of fiber.


Apple has 4 grams of fiber in one piece. However, the amount depends on the size of Apple.

It helps in keeping your cholesterol level low and also helps in preventing damage to the arteries.



There are many people who cannot live without potatoes but due to different myth around it that it is unhealthy or makes you fat people try to avoid potatoes.

However, in researches and finding it has been found out that potatoes have almost 3 grams of fiber even if the size of the potato is small.

On top of it, potatoes fight against chemical elements that damage our intestinal wall.