Super Foods With Low Glycemic Index to Go Low GI

As it is essential to understand the composition of carbohydrates proteins and fiber in the food we eat, it is equally necessary to know the glycemic index of the carbs we are ingesting. The glycemic index of the food represents the speed with which it will release glucose in the bloodstream.

High GI: Rapidly digested or absorbed carbohydrates.
Low GI: Slowly digested or absorbed carbohydrates.

Food with low glycemic index provides essential energy at a slow rate making for a more healthy heart and kidneys. Here is the list of foods with a low glycemic index:

Glycemic Index Info

Kidney beans:

Kidney beans

Legumes have been identified as low GI foods (24 to 27) and are considered favorable for diabetics as they do not create an influx of glucose in the body. It is a healthy and tasty choice. Kidney beans can be eaten with salads or as an accompaniment with rice.



An apple a day can surely keep the doctor away. With the glycemic index as low as 37 points, this healthy fruit is the perfect choice for those suffering from heart problems and other insulin issues.



Carrots have known to refurbish various nutrient and vitamin deficiencies in the body. Boiled carrots with a dash of lime are perfect midday munchies for those who do not want a spike in their blood sugar and yet want to feel energetic.



Dairy should be an essential component of your diet milk. Ensure that the body gets enough calcium proteins and the necessary amount of vitamin D. To add to its charm is the fact that milk has a low GI index ranging from 39 to 41 making it ideal for those on a weight loss diet.



A surprise entrant to our list is everyone’s favorite chocolates. If eaten in moderation these delights can do one good by giving a slow release of energy over the day. They hail in the 42:42 GI and this makes them a favored choice.



Dates are recommended to be eaten before exercising. One should have a few of them. This dry fruit is an abundant source of nutrients and vitamins and it’s low GI enables it to release steady glucose in the blood which the body can put to productive use.

Whole wheat spaghetti:

Whole wheat spaghetti

There is no need to shy away from spaghetti even if you are overweight or diabetic. The whole wheat variety has a low glycemic index. This makes it more of a health booster than a defaulter. So dig into that plate of arrabbiata without worrying.



This king of citrus fruits is an absolute stunner when it comes to tasteful eating, with them team health benefits. The low GI from 43 to 45 ensures slow energy spikes in the body making them excellent fruit choice for almost all body types.



Yogurts are the perfect food on the go with the addition of some fruits or flavors. They can be immensely interesting for the taste buds. To the low GI of this dairy product makes it an elixir for the obese and those suffering from cardiovascular issues.



One must incorporate a bowl of lentil in the meals to get a good dose of proteins and carbohydrates. This low GI carb variety ensures that the blood glucose does not reach toxic levels and healthy energy absorption is undertaken by the cells.