Brewing Better Coffee At Home – 7 Tips

We all love visiting our favourite coffee shop, where we can enjoy a fine espresso or latte, yet there is no reason why you can’t enjoy premium coffee at home. There are many ways to make coffee, among which are enumerated in this article.

  • Espresso – If you are a serious espresso lover, why not invest in a small machine? The online Thai coffee supplier offers the best brands of pressure espresso machines, plus they sell everything you need. This coffee is very strong and only a small amount (1 shot) is consumed. It is an acquired taste, but if you are a serious espresso addict, why not? There is a level of skill involved in making espresso coffee, but it won’t take long to get the hang of it.
  • Drip Coffee – This is popular in the US, where hot water drips into a coffee grounds reservoir and passes through the grounds and into a large glass coffee pot. This is standard coffee and ideal for a busy office, where 10-12 cups can be brewed at one time, but you can brew a small pot to give you a few cups throughout the day. Try the amazing frank coffee from a leading Thai coffee supplier and you can start experimenting.
  • Fresh Whole Coffee – You can order fresh beans online. Google can take you to the website of an established Thai coffee supplier, where you can browse the many fine products of arabica and robusta coffee.
  • Percolated Coffee – You can order high quality coffee online, plus the same e-store sells all kinds of coffee-making equipment from the top manufacturers, and at trade prices too! Many European communities like percolated coffee, which can vary in strength.

  • Use Scales – Don’t estimate with coffee grounds. Instead, use a scale; doing so would ensure that you have the exact weight that you need for the amount you are going to brew. You can order a great set of coffee scales from the online Thai coffee supplier, plus they sell paper filters and many other essential items.
  • Use A Burr Grinder – To make the perfect coffee, you want all the grounds to be the same size and a burr grinder is small and easy to use. The easiest way to consistently get the same size grounds, a burr grinder is a necessary item in a coffee lover’s kitchen. You can adjust the size of the grind if you wish to try different combinations. Medium ground is the standard when buying coffee, while you can also buy the whole beans and grind them yourself; the choice is yours.
  • Use Filtered Water – If you filter the water, this will remove any contaminants that could impact the taste. Some say tap water is fine, while others say you should use bottled drinking water that has been reverse osmosis treated. Distilled water is actually too pure to be used in coffee, which does need a level of minerality to have a good taste. Experiment using taste as a guideline and you will soon discover the best water source for a delicious brew.

With everything you need at the online Thai coffee supplier, you can single shop whatever you need to make the best coffee at home, which you can enjoy during the day. Coffee is very popular here in Thailand, home to the best arabica in the northern part of the country, where a few select plantations grow the best arabica in Asia.