10 Winter Face Care Tips to Keep Skin Soft and Glowing

Winters may be cozy, long boots, stylish, sweaters, fur coats, scarfs, and chilly climate along with a cup of hot coffee makes winters the favorite season for many.

Everything is so cool in winters but it is not fun for the skin. Cold climate, dry air, low humidity, all snatches moisture from the skin making it dull and dry.

Since the face is the most exposed part of the human body to the air it faces becomes done and develops aging symptoms.

Dry skin can even lead to cracking and bleeding making the problem worse.

Endure heat of the rooms further steals away the moisture of the face as do hot showers or baths and harsh cleansers.

Winters are harsh for skin especially, the face, so we have to moisturize the face to counteract these effects.

Additionally, to keep the face looking beautiful youthful and healthy.

Winter Face Care Tips

Here are a 10 winter face care tips to keep skin soft and glowing that you must try during winters:

Lukewarm water:

Choose lukewarm water when you are just washing your face and hands.

Hot showers are too much relaxing but they also remove too many oils from the skin.

Moisturize the face:

Moisturizing the face right after a wash helps to seal the dampness into the skin.

Always keep a bottle near your shower or basin to apply the moisturizer liberally every time you wash your face.

Drink lukewarm water:

We often drink less water in winter because we drink hot drinks like coffee and tea in winter but don’t forget to drink lots of water in winter too, to keep your skin hydrated a little.

Lukewarm mixed with lemon and honey will be best to keep you hydrated refreshed as well as it also helps to cut down belly fats.

Choosing the moisturizer:

Be smart in choosing moisturizers.

Oil-based moisturizer helps to retain the moisture much longer as compared to water-based solutions.

Try moisturizers with natural ingredients like lavender for over a novella etcetera.

Night cream:

Don’t be lazy in applying overnight cream.

Face, hands, feet, elbows, and knees tend to lose more moisture as compared to other areas.

Consider applying overnight cream on the face to keep it moisturized until morning.

Protect with sunscreen:

Winter Sun can equally be damaging on the face like the summer sun.

Apply at least SPF 15 or zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to face into other exposed areas to protect from UV rays.

Nourishing foods:

Eat lots of nourishing foods in winters like seasonal fruits, dry fruits, sweet potato to keep you hydrated and refreshed.

Home remedies:

Sometimes you keep running for over-the-counter moisturizer and forget the remedies that are readily available in the kitchen like curd, banana, papaya, honey, etc.

We spent buying all these creams from the market but don’t apply the real natural substances that are easily available in the kitchen.


Apply a scrub cream or go for a face massage to slough off the dead cells of the face.

Your face needs flushing of blood, therefore, go for its message to you to feel the smoother difference.

No blow drying:

Blow drying to your hair is complete no in winters and less really necessary blow dryer not only damages your hair further but also is very harsh on your face.

So try avoiding, it if it is essential then apply the serum on the hair and moisturizer on the face before going for blow-drying.

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