Tricep Exercises: 5 Killer Exercises for Bigger Arms

The beauty of these movements is they don’t need any equipment. This means you’ll be able to pack on size in the arms with only body weight and some work ethic. Let’s get it.



Let’s jump straight into a fun exercise and that’s the handstand. When holding yourself upside down with straight arms the triceps are constantly active to keep those elbows straight.

To get the most from hand stands for bigger and stronger triceps time under tension is absolutely key. The triceps can handle a ton of punishment in a handstand. This means you’re going to need to accumulate several minutes upside down in order to stimulate any muscle growth. Of course for those of you who can’t balance you can always do handstands using a chest tool set up.

Floor tricep extension.

Floor tricep extension

The floor tricep extension stresses elbow extension because of the strict tempo and the forearm setup. To make this exercise challenging set up with the shoulder directly over the elbow.

When you’re in the forearm support. In terms of the form keep the elbows tucked in as well as using a smooth range of motion. When you transfer from the forearms to the lockout. To get the biggest benefit from tricep exercises squeeze hard the top. When the arms are straight to really stress those triceps. If you’re struggling and want to scale things down a bit shift the weight towards your feet and start from here. There’s going to be less weight going through your arms which is obviously going to make it a bit easier.

Isolation exercises tend to benefit from higher reps especially in the triceps. That’s why I want you to choose the set up that suits your level of strength. This way you can get a ton of reps. You can build that volume and create the necessary environment to stimulate muscle growth.

Parallel bar dip.

Parallel bar dip

The parallel bar dip. The further you lean forward when you’re doing dips the more the chest is going to be emphasized. On the other hand, a vertical dipping technique is going to increase loading and increase the contribution through the triceps. The basics such as the dip are basics for a good reason the simple and they work extremely well. So for those of you wanting tricep growth with dips no one would be using a vertical technique. And
number two would be exaggerating the lockout. I mean just take a look at the triceps in motion here. Full range of motion and a mindful lockout.

Every single rep makes a difference. My final advice I’d like to leave you with four dips is to do a ton of volume and then do some more reps when you’re ready to stop growing bigger. Arms is a straightforward process but it takes resilience.

Bar tricep extension.

Bar tricep extension

The bar Tricep Extension is my personal favorite when it comes to building bigger arms by body weight. The reason I prefer the bar variation over says the floor TRICEP EXTENSION IS range of motion. With this specific exercise were able to get a complete stretch through the triceps because the arms are going overhead. We’re now getting full elbow bend and compression which stretches the tricep and we’re also lifting the shoulders towards the head which further stretches the long head of the triceps.

The bar Tricep Extension feels more comfortable and this is because of the full stretch the body likes to use a full range of motion. It balances the entire joint gets a full stretch through the working muscle and it builds mobility and flexibility as you get stronger. So one key building muscle and two you’re encouraging an increased overhead range of motion. It really is a win-win to use a full range of motion. If you’re looking to increase the size of your arms and you can only pick one exercise from today’s video. Do the bar TRICEP EXTENSION. Whether you’re a powerlifter a bodybuilder cross fitter or someone doing calisthenics. The bar Tricep Extension is a perfect isolation movement for the arms.

Diamond push up.

Diamond push up

Start with the hands touching each other by setting up with a close grip for a full
range of motion diamond push up. I want the chest touching the hands. Every rep and you’re gonna finish with a strong lockout by squeezing the arms. Because we’re only using bodyweight. I like to be particularly strict with the form. It sounds like a small point but I truly believe in pausing at the bottom and the top when it comes to these more simple bodyweight exercises. Sure you’re not going to get as many reps but I’m confident
your body is going to feel the difference. It’s gonna feel challenged and your body is not going to know the difference whether it’s doing a diamond push out with strict form or a close grip bench press.

If you do the exercise properly diligently and strict pushing yourself to the limit you will feel it in the triceps. When it comes to calisthenics especially with calisthenics.

The person who chooses hard form and uses strict form is going to be more complete than the person who uses the mindless form and just cuts corners with their intensity.