Skipping Breakfast: Can Increase Weight Gain & Obesity Risk

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it lets us kick start the day with the dose of the essential nutrients.

Due to the busy lifestyle, most of the people cannot make time to eat proper breakfast at home and this can lead to negative responses in the future.

The body needs some fuel after being on the sleep mode for eight hours just like an engine.

The first food of the day is served as the breakfast, those who cannot prepare anything due to the tight schedule, cereals, milk with some fruits are always the best option, it is healthy and has all the essential nutrients that the body needs.

Importance of Breakfast

Below are listed 10 ways stating how not having breakfast can lead to obesity:

Craving more unhealthy foods:

When leaving the house one can think that he or she is not feeling hungry enough but after some time the cravings crawl back to the mind and then the person is kind of lured towards the unhealthy and fat and sugar Laden foods, which can lead to obesity.

Metabolism affected:

Having a sumptuous breakfast is the best way to lower the metabolism throughout the day.

If one has proper breakfast chances are high that the person will crave less food throughout the day on the other hand not having it can make the body wanting food all day.

Disrupting the internal clock:

Not having breakfast can mess with the body’s metabolism system and the mess system can lead to weight gain and obesity.

There have been extensive reports on how skipping breakfast can be linked with type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, among many diseases.

The body does not get enough fuel:

The body gets devoid of the essential fuel and nutrients by skipping the breakfast.

This disrupts the body’s clock and can lead to diseases and from there obesity can rise.

More affinity towards food:

Skipping breakfast takes a psychological toll on the people’s mind; they tend to be attracted towards unhealthy and greasy food more after skipping it in the morning.

Not feeling full:

Satiety is an important factor while dealing with obesity. Having breakfast can make one feel satiated for a longer time therefore, the person craves less food in the course of the day.

The body does not get proper nutrients:

Starting a day means the body needs the fuel for the day and a bumpy start can affect the whole day’s journey getting not enough nutrients in the morning can lead to several diseases along with obesity.

The metabolic cycle gets affected:

Obesity has a lot to do with the metabolic cycle and skipping breakfast can hamper it.

There are various studies by institutions which suggest that those who have breakfast are less likely to get obesity.

Causes various diseases:

Not having breakfast can cause several gastrointestinal problems as the metabolic system gets affected.

There are chances of several diseases when the stomach remains empty for a long time acidity can happen in general case.

General tiredness:

Those who do not have breakfast in the morning are more likely to be tired throughout the day.

This can affect their performance in the educational and professional field.

Tiredness can also affect the person psychologically which can lead to binge eating and from their obesity.