Pollen Allergy: 10 Home Remedies for Pollen Allergy Treatment

Do you know that pollens cause allergies? Yes, they are fine powders. They are produced by trees, along with flowers and grasses. Sometimes people get exposed to acute health issues when they breathe in pollen. It results in an allergic reaction. That needs to be treated at best. It starts with irritation. Followed by sneezing and watery eyes. Some people suffer from pollen allergies for long. While others suffer from the same during the specific period of the year.

Below are some different types of pollen allergies that include the following:

Birch pollen allergy, oak pollen allergy, grass pollen allergy, ragweed pollen allergy, and many more.

Home remedies for pollen allergy treatment:

The moment you suspect any of the symptoms!!! Rather than running to a doctor. Follow the below mentioned homemade remedies, to treat pollen allergy.

Pollen Allergy

Using a squeeze bottle:

Using a squeeze bottle

It is preferable to make usage of a squeeze bottle to flush out pollen grains from the nose. Flushing out of pollen grains from the nose will give you high relief. This will also result in lowering your irritation level.

Removing clothes that have been worn:

Removing clothes that have been worn

Worn out clothes, which are worn outside, must be removed soon after returning home. Washing them with a mild detergent will prevent early attacks by pollens. Thus, preventing further spreading of pollen allergy.

Using a HEPA filter at home:

Using a HEPA filter at home

At the time of allergy, it becomes very much essential to breathe in the fresh air, to get high relief. Investing in a highly efficient particulate air filter or dehumidifier will undoubtedly prove to be the best step. It will provide high relief to your body. Followed by ensuring early recovery.

Consuming an anti-inflammatory diet:

Consuming an anti-inflammatory diet

An anti-inflammatory diet helps a lot in reducing risks in association with allergies. Nutrient-dense food items will definitely give your immune system the ability to heal at best and bring it back to balance. Ingredients that must be included are ginger, green vegetables, and lemon juice.

Using Neti pots:

Using Neti pots

Neti pots are very much helpful in preventing the side-effects of allergies. Along with this, they providing relief from respiratory conditions. As they are very much useful for clearing sinuses and removing congestion. There will be a high level of improvement in the quality of life of sufferers.

Bee pollen:

Bee pollen

First of all, give a trial to local honey. If you see hardly any improvement, then better switch on to be pollen consumption of the same in a small amount. It will undoubtedly serve to be an excellent remedy.

Citrus drinks:

Citrus drinks

Citrus drinks, if consumed at regular intervals, will provide easy recovery from side effects of pollen allergy. As a cool refreshing drink, rich in vitamin C, it will give you a good feeling of refreshment.

Use red onion:

Use red onion

Water onions are well known to repel harmful germs at its best. Preparing red onion water and consumption of the same in the fresh state. It will serve to be an anti-repellent.

Rinse with cold water:

Rinse with cold water

Rinsing with cold water will let easy rinsing of pollen grains. If any from the body. It will be of great help in preventing further spreading of allergy. Thus, ensuring fast relief.



Acupuncture is another way of getting relief from pollen allergy. It takes less amount of medication. It also ensures quick healing.