Newborn Baby Massage Guide: How and When To Do

When a bay is born, it’s a great opportunity to begin that process of bonding with them in the outside world. Today we are going to showcase how and what is the right time to start massage of the newborn baby.

Not only it bonds your baby with you, but it also improves your bab immunity, resistance power, aids weight gain and develops brain motor skills.

We have seen this from our childhood, that whenever newborn baby gets born; then our grandmothers generally take care of the baby and massage them as well.

One should start massaging the newborn baby after two months. The mother herself can do massage of the baby. It helps in building up a great bond of motherhood in the baby. It also helps in the development of the baby and keeping him in good health.

Hand massage

Leg massage

If its the winter season, then the baby’s message should be done at the time when the sun shines so that it is not too cold. If you do massage in the sun, the newborn baby will get Vitamin D. It will also help to keep the baby warm and give him energy.

During winters, keep the massage time during 11 am to 12 pm. If its summer time, they also follow this same routine. After breastfeeding the newborn baby, keep a gap of 1 to 1/2 hours, and then massage the baby again. Remember, after giving massage to the baby, don’t give a bath immediately.  Massage the baby with soft hands, Since their muscles are very weak.

How do we massage the newborn baby?


First, lie down the baby on the floor or on the bed. You can place a thick cotton cloth or thick towel. Always remember to place your hand on the baby’s neck and slowly make him lie down. If possible you please sit in a V shape position.

Now you make the baby lie down in between your toes. And keep the baby’s legs near your legs. Don’t remove the baby’s clothes immediately. Keep the weather in mind. Always keep a thick cotton cloth or towel handy with you so that you can cover the baby after the massage.

Which Oil to use for the massage.

You can use any of the following oil for massage.

You can also mix wheat flour with oil, turmeric powder and make a paste and then apply this paste and massage the baby with soft hands. And slowly start removing the paste from the baby’s body. So this helps to get rid of baby’s hair on the body and gives him a clean face and body. This is generally used by experienced grandmothers.

Method to massage:

Massage Method

First, take some oil in your hand and then apply the oil on the baby’s toes and soul. And then massage the baby from bottom to top. First, massage the baby’s thigh and slowly come towards its toes. Then apply oil on the baby’s chest and on the stomach. Massage the baby from the stomach upwards. And then massage the baby from up downwards.

Now you massage the baby’s hands. First put some oil on the baby’s fingers, palm and bring your hand from up downwards and massage the baby till the shoulders. And then bring your hand down after massaging the baby. Please massage this way on the baby’s both hands. And then apply some oil on the baby’s neck and massage with your fingers gently. Massage the baby’s head gently with your fingers.

Now put some oil on the baby’s face and use the tip of your fingers to gently massage the face. The way you massage the baby on the front side, you have to massage the baby on the other side. Slowly turn the baby and make him lie down on the other side. And then massage the baby’s legs, back, and his head.

Baby Bath

Once the baby massage gets over, then cover the baby with thick cotton cloth or towel, so that baby doesn’t feel the air. Use lukewarm water to bathe your baby.

Always massage the baby daily and make a baby grow healthy.