L Glutamine: Supplement With Powerful Benefits for Health

You’re just getting into working out you’ve got some cash to spend and you figure why not visit the local supplement store. You walk in the door and if you’re anything like I was you get totally overwhelmed all of the labels are making bold promises. Then there’s a Salesman who always seems to suggest the most expensive thing. But he said you should trust him because he benches 225 and he used to play high school football. Here’s the thing in the there most simple form.



Supplements are a single compound that has been demonstrated to yield some type of benefit. If you take it just like grain lumber or onions a lot of these compounds can be bought involved in their commodities. There isn’t a lot of money to be made selling them. Because the price will be set by whoever is willing to sell it the cheapest. If I created my own brand of vitamin C I can’t really sell it for much more than the standard price. That everyone else is paying or else who would really want to buy it. In order to make the most money, these supplement companies need something which is harder for others to simply copy like with vitamin C.

What did these supplement companies

supplement companies

They take several of these inexpensive compounds blend them together in a proprietary blend and then sell it as the number one. Way to achieve everything you’re after while charging more than it would cost to buy these ingredients separately. This is why I feel so few people are talking about l-glutamine. Since any company can make it no supplement company spends much to advertise it. Meaning you never really hear much about it.

L glutamine is an amino acid

L glutamine is an amino acid

Amino acids can exist on their own or they can join together to form protein strands. Why should you care well L glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscle. Over 61 percent of skeletal muscle is made of L glutamine that 60% figure is something you’ll see in basically every bodybuilding article. Along with the same recycled list of benefits.

Are Your Muscles Made of Glutamine


Glutamine also circulates the body in the blood and there are several types of cells in the body. Which relies on that same glutamine as their unique energy source. Glutamine is a preferred respiratory fuel for lymphocytes, hepatocytes, and intestinal mucosal cells. It also plays a big role in transporting nitrogen throughout the body. So not only if your muscles largely comprised of glutamine but other cells. Essential cells in the body also rely on it in order to create energy so they can function properly. I took special note to the lymphocytes which are crucial to the immune system. Need glutamine for fuel L glutamine is also used by our brains to create neurotransmitters glutamic acid and gamma n EO butyric acid. Now glutamine is what many in the medical community call a non-essential amino acid.
The term non-essential doesn’t mean you don’t need it though. When an amino acid is non-essential it means that it isn’t essential to include it in your diet. Since the body has a mechanism to create it. The body has two ways of a meeting if glutamine needs. Most proteins contain glutamine as one of their building blocks in the small intestine. These proteins are broken down and the glutamine is absorbed into the bloodstream.


Additionally, the body contains an enzyme called glutamine synthetase. This enzyme is present in skeletal, muscle, the brain, kidneys, and liver. Glutamine synthetase catalyzes the condensation of glutamate and ammonia to form a blue time. This process of l-glutamine creation within the body is why it can be classified as non-essential under normal conditions. This production process is able to supply the body with all that glutamine it needs. Cells that depend on glutamine for energy get enough. There’s plenty circulating in the blood and the muscles are full of it.

What Happens When The Body Increases The Number of Cells

What happens when the body increases the number of cells which use out glutamine for energy. For example, producing more of those white blood cells when you’re sick in these kinds of times. The body’s demand for L glutamine out pieces to supply. This is why a paper I found published in the Journal of nutrition argued. That L glutamine should be reclassified as conditionally essential. Meaning there will be times where it is essential to get it in your diet. Because in these times the body’s demand is outstripping its supply supplementing it.

What Are Some Times Where The Demand For Glutamine Help Eases The Body’s Ability

What are some times where the demand for glutamine help eases the body’s ability to create it? well during times of severe stress the body becomes determined. To ensure that the glutamine energy-dependent cells including those immune cells. We talked about have all the energy they need. The body begins depleting its glutamine stores. Which means bingo the body will destroy muscle to access. This is called catabolism and can be brought on by everything from a severe injury to illness.
To be in a state of starvation. An aggressive diet in supplementing glutamine has been shown to reduce the loss of muscle in patients. Normally they look at severe stress they look at things like severe injuries, burns. Those who have just had surgery but there is evidence suggesting that even the effects of an intense workout can lower the body’s glutamine levels. Studies confirm this demonstrating levels of blood will be following.