How to Reduce Arm Fat in One Week Without Weights

We are sharing a very simple solution for those who hate their arm flaps. And find it difficult to tone them. These flaps take out all the fun whenever you think of wearing sleeveless tops, dresses and jumpsuits. So let’s know how to get rid of them in few weeks. An flaps or finding it hard to tone your biceps happens when your body is low on testosterone levels to fix this issue we need to have more of:

Vitamin D


Vitamin D deficiency also leads to weak muscles and poor bone density. If you are a vegetarian then you shall have soy products like tofu and soy trans and mushrooms along with a vitamin D supplement. If you are a Non Vegetarian then have fatty fish like tuna, mackerel or salmon and egg yolks along with a vitamin D supplement. The supplement will help maintain proper levels of vitamin D and fix the loW levels.



Testosterone also indulgence strength training exercises to get rid of arm flab. As exercise will burn fat build muscle and tone your arms.

Protein Shake


Drinking protein shake will also boost the muscle development. Have enough water to flush toxins which help in fat storage. All these steps have followed will help you get rid of arm flab and tone your arms in weeks.