How to Naturally Detoxify Your Body From Constipation

You’re constipated if you’re not having at least one bowel movement per day and this can have several causes of diet, stress, disease and even cancer. We suggest you use natural supplements instead and this is where we get into.


1.Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium is a mineral that helps with normal muscle functioning and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. A branch of the autonomic nervous system in charge of accelerating intestinal motility too little. Magnesium in your diet can contribute to muscle tension and also worsen symptoms of emotional stress and even constipation. We suggest you look for a good quality magnesium supplement. Magnesium oxide which fights with ozone that can help you have regular bowel movements.

2.Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is an excellent natural supplement very effective in giving bulk to those stools. This supplement is extremely high in fibre and when combined with water or any other liquid swells to produce bulk. This stimulates the intestines to contract and help speed up the passage of Feces through the digestive tract. You can take a tablespoon of psyllium husk with a glass of water every day with a meal very effective.

3.Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera has tons of health benefits useful in medicine, inflammation, skincare and even constipation. Aloe vera plant contains a compound known as Barbaloin which provides a laxative effect to the digestive system. This ingredient increases in tests intestinal, water content mucus secretion and intestinal parasitosis. And the contraction and relaxation of your intestines. All these effects obviously make aloe vera increase those bowel movements loosen the stool and therefore make stools easier to pass through the body.


1. Food You Should Remove

It’s important to understand that one of the best ways to achieve regular bowel movements is by removing harmful substances in your diet. And eating nutrient-dense or real foods. So packaged foods, fast foods, processed snacks, and artificial ingredients have to be removed from your diet. A quick list of foods to remove is, for example, hydrogenated oils, high-fructose syrups, dangerous food dyes, and even fake seasonings. All these components make it harder for the digestive system to work properly. Consuming these foods will only raise inflammation in your colon and disrupt those regular bowel movements we want to achieve.

2. Food You Should Consume

Foods you should consume regularly vegetable, juices vegetable, juicers containing living enzymes that are especially helpful in breaking up foods and toxins in the digestive tract. Vegetable juices contain living enzymes that are especially helpful in breaking up foods and toxins in the digestive system. On top of this, they activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is the branch of the autonomic nerve cell. People who have difficulty going into the bathroom every day will see excellent results. We recommend them foods high in fibre are plant material that can’t be broken down by enzymes. It treats constipation because it encourages regular bowel movements and helps move food through the digestive tube.

Food High In Fiber

I recommend eating some fiber in every meal to spread your intake throughout the day. Making sure that the entire system has material that can carry out waste foods that are high in fiber. Include for example oatmeal, leafy green vegetable, legumes, and fruits very important.

Foods That Contain Probiotics

Adding probiotics to your diet is another very important thing you should do to treat this condition. In this case, you can take probiotics supplements or you can eat lots of probiotic-rich foods. Like yogurt, kimchi pickles and even other fermented foods. Probiotics introduce good bacteria to your gut and with the help of fiber and starches become a powerful digestive ally. Decreasing inflammation and promoting regular visits to the restroom. By the way, apple cider vinegar is also considered a probiotic and is included in colon cleanses, the enzymes. Acids contained in apple cider vinegar suppress bad bacteria which is very helpful in this condition.

Flax Seeds & Chia Seeds

These are amazing sources of essential fats. Flax and chia seeds are both filled with omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory effects and reduce inflammation in the colon besides their fats. Chia and flax seeds expand when they come into contact with water helping carry out waste material. Very important they both are great for people prone to constipation and slow digestion.

3.Stay Away From Wheat

I decided to talk specifically about wheat before moving on to the third party. Because if you want to do a successful conservation treatment I encourage you to suppress wheat products for about a month. Wheat contains compounds that block thyroid hormones. This at the same time reduces intestinal motility and people with subclinical hypothyroidism. It may cause slow intestinal motility and constipation. So we encourage you to suppress wheat products completely for about a month and this goes out to anyone seeking a good treatment.

Lifestyle Changes


Be careful because too little or too much exercise can cause constipation. Not exercising often can cause digestive problems and lead to constipation. Exercise helps stimulate intestinal activity and you know it keeps food waste moving through the digestive system. In fact, some people whom you know to see the immediate effect just by going out for a walk in the morning. This is very effective on the other hand. However, too much exercise also can cause constipation. You see it activates a sympathetic nervous system which is the branch of the autonomic nervous system. Responsible for activating the fight and flight response and shutting down every digestion and peristalsis movement. The most important thing is to exercise in a healthy way. We suggest doing fifteen to thirty minutes of low-end act exercise three to four times per week.


The fight and flight response in the body is its own natural way of responding to stress. Stress will activate your sympathetic nervous system and deactivate digestion making it impossible to have regular bowel movements. As you try practising natural stress-relieving techniques that can relax your system to activate digestion. Like for example pray or meditation, reading, etc all these will be very helpful.