How Body Heals After You Quit Smoking? Kick the Habit Now

Do you know what happens in your body when you stop smoking? There are so many problems which are associated with smoking and but do you know what happens inside your body the day you stop smoking. Yes, there are a lot of changes and the changes start happening within minutes to hours to days and years. And this is what I am going to discuss today what exactly happens after 20 minutes.

What happens after 10 years of stopping of smoking your body heals and it does heal. If you stop smoking and I do understand that it’s very difficult it’s difficult for anybody to quit smoking. Because of nicotine decoding which is an addictive substance and you get addictive and you want to smoke again and again. Because of nicotine and most people have tried at least once without success to stop smoking. Today I’m going to talk about how your body responds when you stop smoking so let’s start.


There are so many reasons to stop smoking because long term tobacco consumption is linked with so many dangerous health hazards. And when you stop smoking some health benefits begin almost immediately. Then after that every week every month and year that you live without tobacco. Further improvement happens in your health.


First 20 Minutes

blood pressure

Within the first 20 minutes of quitting your blood pressure and pulse rate starts to go down to normal. Your blood pressure and pulse rate would start getting normal and the temperature of your hands and feet will again increase to normal. Because your hands and your feet will start getting more blood supply. Because you have stopped smoking within 20 minutes.

Within 8 Hours

carbon monoxide level

Eight hours your blood carbon monoxide level co2 levels in your blood drops and your blood oxygen level increases to normal levels.

Within 24 Hours

heart attack

24 hours of quitting your risk of sudden heart attack go down just one day. Within 24 it goes down but obviously if you smoke again it goes up. So within 24 hours, your heart attack risk goes down.

Within 48 Hours

Within 48 Hours

Within 48 hours of quitting the nerve endings, the nerve endings begin to regrow the nerve damage which has happened because of smoking. They begin to regrow therefore if you stop smoking within 48 hours your sense of smell and your taste will begin to return to normal.

Within 2 Weeks to 3 Months


Within two weeks to three months your blood circulation improves, your walking becomes better easier. Your lung function becomes better, your wound healings become quicker. That happens within three months within two weeks to three months depending upon how much you have smoked.

Within 1 Month to 9 Months


One to nine months of quitting you will have more energy, your smoking-related symptoms such as coughing, nasal congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath will improve. You will have fewer illnesses, fewer colds, and asthma attacks. You will gradually no longer have shortness of breath with everyday activities. Which you might be having before that because of smoking.

Within One Year

Quit smoking

Within one year of quit smoking your risk of coronary heart disease, it becomes half as compared to those who are still smoking. That’s a huge thing your heart disease risk becomes half after one year of stopping.

Within Five Years


Then within five years your risk of cancers, mouth, throat, ISA figures and bladder cancers. Your risk of all these cancers become half after five years.

Within Ten Years


Then within ten years, your risk of dying from lung cancer becomes half from those as compared to those who are still smoking. So that’s a huge thing which happens just because of quitting.