10 Impressive Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is different from regular yogurt. It is more nutritious and less in calories. Today we are showcasing 10 impressive health benefits of greek yogurt which is super healthy.

To make it you need to warm up the milk a little, add curd to it and let it cool.

Let this curd hang in a muslin cloth and hang it for an hour or two.

The water gets separated from the curd.

Serve it out in the bowl.

Plain Greek yogurt offers various health benefits let’s take a look at the top ten best health benefits of Greek yogurt:

Strengthens bones:

Strengthens bones

Greek yogurt is rich in calcium and everyone knows calcium is a crucial component to make our bones stronger.

Since our body doesn’t secrete calcium so we need to consume Greek yogurt to maintain our bone health.

Rich source of protein:

Rich source of protein

We need protein to strengthen our bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and hair. We can get an adequate amount of protein from Greek yogurt. It also gives us energy. We should increase the protein intake with our rage.

Potassium helps cut out sodium:


One bowl of greek yogurt offers 6.8 grams of potassium from it.

Potassium helps to maintain the sodium levels in our body and hence maintain the body’s blood pressure.

So if you feel high sodium in your plate you can balance out it with potassium from the Greek yogurt.

Mood changer:

Mood changer

Specialists recommended probiotic supplements to reduce the stress as well as sadness.

We can replace probiotic supplements with Greek yogurt and keep ourselves free from stress and make us happy.

Maintains the immune system:

Maintains the immune system

Greek yogurt is a natural source of probiotic.

The healthy probiotic bacteria lessen the stomach related issues such as diarrhea and boost your immune system.

Without healthy bacteria from probiotic bad bacteria can build up and damage the immune system.

Rich source of B12:


B12 mainly found in animal products such as meat fish and eggs and vegetarians often lack this vitamin hence they are supposed to have b12 vitamin supplements.

Consuming Greek yogurt is a better option because it is a natural meat-free way to add B12 vitamin to your diet.

Beneficial for post-workout:


Recovery after an intense cardio session your body needs protein, Greek yogurt contains amino acid in abundance which makes up proteins.

They are the main components for building as well as repairing muscles. So having Greek yogurt can be a healthy food item after an intense workout.

Maintain thyroid:

Maintain thyroid

Greek yogurt is an exceptional source of iodine. Iodine is the component that is essential to thyroid to its function well.

Since a human body doesn’t make iodine naturally we have to make sure we will get enough iodine through our diet.

Weight loss:

Weight loss

Only intense exercise will not help you to lose weight.

Greek yogurt contains less sugar and more protein which overcome your hunger and makes your stomach fuller for a long time. Also, its high protein content helps you to lose weight.

Beneficial for women:

Yeast infection

Women face a yeast infection at least one time or more. Greek yogurt contains good bacteria which is essential for women vagina. It limits the effect of yeast from the vagina.