Amazing Health Benefits of Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

Today we are discussing Chia Seeds. It’s weight loss properties and a weight loss recipe based on chia. Let’s start

Chia Seeds are native to Mexico and few areas of South America. Hence they don’t have a second name in Hindi or any other language. Worldwide they are known as chia seeds. They come in various colors like white, black-brown, etc. However, the nutritional value is the same for all. They are oval or like an egg in shape. These little seeds are a nutrient-dense, powerhouse, they’re high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, omega-3 acids, protein, and fiber.

Chia seeds thewownutrition

Chia seeds can be consumed in both raw and soaked form. To soak them keep the Chia and water ratio to be 1 is to 10. It takes about 30 to 120 minutes for chia to absorb water and swell. And once done they will look like gel-like substance. Chia seeds have approximately 20% omega-3 acids, 20% protein and a whopping 37% fiber. By weight, they’re also rich in antioxidants which fight premature aging and improve skin health.


The fiber in chia absorbs water and expands in our stomach this process keeps our stomach full for a very long time. So you eat less and thus your body is able to lose weight effectively.


It lowers blood sugar, manages cholesterol levels and reduces inflammation. It also maintains normal blood sugar levels and fights the risk of diabetes. It also reduces the risk of breast and cervical cancer among them.

Calcium & Manganese

Calcium and manganese consuming them strengthens our bone health and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.


Best plant-based protein foods just like spirulina and hemp seeds. The protein in chia builds muscle mass and repairs muscle tissues. When you have chia the protein and fiber both promote weight loss by reducing your food cravings. The seeds also reduce the levels of a hormone responsible for stimulating hunger. Chia seeds are easy to digest and you can consume them either whole or grounded. You can add them to smoothies, shakes, salads,  baked recipes, etc.


Chia seeds are safe for all including pregnant and nursing mothers. However, due to its high fiber content, it may cause abdominal discomfort. Chia seeds can be bought both from a store or online. You may find them at the bulk organic or baking section in most of the stores
or buy it from Amazon.

Chia Recipe (Chia Pudding)

Chia Pudding

Let’s make a weight Loss Chia recipe. You cannot go wrong with the measurements shown in this recipe. It will always give you a perfect cup of
chia pudding. To make it soak 1/4 cup of chia seeds and 1 cup of coconut milk. You can also use canned coconut milk or almond milk or even coconut almond milk. Next, add one tablespoon of maple syrup or good-quality honey along with 1/4 TSP of vanilla essence. Mix well and let it rest for one hour.

Chia seeds will absorb the milk and swell. Coconut milk and Chia have blended well together. Now shift this to a dessert glass add chia and fresh fruits like pineapple, berries of the try in layers. This way it tastes great and looks good in the end sprinkle few coconut flakes as they go well with pineapple bits and it’s done.