10 Foods Highest in Glucose Diabetics Should Avoid

Glucose is one of the most important sources of energy in our body. Every complex sugar in the carbs that we consume gets broken down into glucose, which gives us energy and gets mixed into our blood.

The natural sources of glucose are molasses, honey, dried fruits, etc. but there are also foods which have sugars added in them like cakes, sauces, etc. and you should mostly avoid these foods.

The energy bars have also sugars in them and you must avoid having the ones that have processed sugars in them.


Let us see some of the foods which have a high content of glucose in them: Check out 10 Foods Highest in Glucose Diabetics Should Avoid.


Honey has a rich content of glucose in them, which is about 35.8%. They are better than processed sugars and you can have them in limitation. You can add honey with warm water to lose weight. Another source like molasses is also a better option than processed sugars.

Dried fruits:

They have almost 33.7% glucose in them. Dried fruits are very healthy options because they provide with other health benefits as well. Some of the dried fruits which have a high content of glucose are pitted prunes 44 grams, raisins 40 grams, dried apricots 43 grams, dates 29 grams, figs 34 grams.

Barbecue sauces:

They have 16.4% glucose and no matter how much you like them you should have it in moderation because they are not very healthy. Even other options like sriracha and ketchup is not a very healthy option.

Salad dressings:

The glucose content in salad dressings is 15.7% and even if you consume them to make sure you have it in moderation and not over consume it.

Energy bars:

The cereal bars which are available have processed sugars in them and not a very healthy option. You should always consider having them in moderation because it has 11.9% glucose in them which is not very healthy. Always maintain the limit up to which you can consume them.

Processed cereals:

Even the most popular brands’ cereals have processed sugars in them you can find up to 10.1% glucose in them and are not entirely sugar-free. If you want to shed some weight you should go for the ones with no sugars in them.


It has 7.2 percent of glucose in it and other fruits like blueberries, cherries, plums bananas have them too. Having fruits is healthy but consuming them too much can increase the glucose level of your blood as well so always consume them in moderation.


Cake contain up to 5.8 percent glucose and is not a very healthy option either even. If you are having cakes make sure that you don’t have the ones with very high sugar content. You can always go through the almond or coconut flour ones as they are gluten free as well.

Sugary drinks:

The colas and other carbonated drinks have loads of sugar in them and should be completely avoided; they are not good for your health as well.

Fruit juices:

They are healthy and have 6.8 % glucose content in them. Most people think that such drinks are healthy but it is not entirely true and one should limit the consumption of such fruit juices.