Effective Way to Treat Fungal Infections of Scalp & Beard

Types of skin condition

Today we are going to talk about the fungal infection of the head and of the beard. The fungal infection of the head is called Tinea capitis. And the fungal infection of beard is called Tinea barbae. This we can get from each other by close contact. That is why it is common in families and in schools. In family, we use each other’s towel, brushes, combs, pillows, etc and pass on from one person to another.


Tinea capitis

Similarly, at school children are in close contact with each other. And they pick up an infection from each other. The fungus infection of a scalp is more common amongst the school-going children. And there is sometimes an outbreak of this infection in the schools.


Tinea barbae

Similarly, the fungal infection of beard is more common amongst young men.

Symptoms of Fungal Infections on Scalp & Beard

What does a fungal infection of scalp and beard look like? Generally, there are patches in which there is a complete or partial hair loss. If there are any brittle and break off. And also there is inflammation and itching in those patches. In the infection of the beard, there is generally a superimposed bacterial infection. And there are small boils and a lot of oozing holes. Both these infections caused a considerable amount of itching. There can be just one or two patches of this infection. Or there can be many patches in the scalp or beard of such fungal infection.

Treatment of Fungal Infections on Scalp & Beard

Let me tell you that fungal infection of the scalp and beard require oral antifungal treatment. This does not get completely healed with a local antifungal cream.


The oral antifungal medicines that you take for scalp and beard infection are reshuffle in fluconazole or terbinafine tablet. Let your doctor decide the dosage and duration of this treatment. The treatment has to be taken at least for four to six weeks non-stop along with oral antifungal medicines. You can always use antifungal creams which will help a lot.

How to Use

The way to use them is again apply them twice a day onto the affected area for at least two to four weeks. Or till the infection heals completely and the hair start regrowing. The antifungal creams that you can use is my connoisseur or clotrimazole cream. Along with these creams you can also wash your hair and beard with 2% ketoconazole lotion. The way to use it is that wet your beard or your scalp and apply the 2% ketoconazole lotion generously into it leave it for five minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

This should be done daily for at least two weeks thereafter twice a week for another two weeks and then once a week for two to three months. This will prevent the recurrence of the infection. Another thing that you must do when you have such an infection is to keep your head well trimmed and your beard also very well trimmed. But do not shave because shaving scrapes the skin and can’t help in spreading the infection.