Best Spanish Omelette Recipe To Try Now

The name of the recipe that we are going to cook today is Spanish omelette, better known as tortilla de patatas. It is a very quick and easy breakfast dish that does not need a lot of ingredients and you can cook a complete breakfast. Let’s Start!


Olive oil



4 Eggs

Take olive oil in a pan in more quantity because we have to shallow fry onions and potatoes in it. Then put some sliced onion, thinly cut potatoes in it. Do take care of one thing that the more the potatoes are thinly sliced the more the omelette will cook nicely.

Take the fried onions and potatoes in a bowl. Now take 4 eggs for cooking the omelette for two people, you can adjust the quantity according to yourself considering 2 eggs are sufficient for one person.

Then add salt according to the taste and little bit of black pepper in it. Now, you don’t have to whisk the eggs completely. We will put the eggs in the mixture of onions and potatoes. Take care that the mixture of onions and potatoes is hot. You have to put the eggs in the hot mixture only. So that they cook slightly. Now keep the mixture aside for 5 minutes.
Now, heat a little bit of olive oil in a pan and add the mixture in it. Keep the flame to the minimum.

When you are cooking Spanish omelette take care it has to be cooked properly we have to make it golden brown so we will slow down the heat so that its surface turns golden brown and the eggs also get cooked properly from inside.

Now once the omelette has been cooked from one side, we will turn it, and cook the other side too. Now, press it lightly and cook it from the other side too. Now, take it out on a plate by flipping. Take care of one thing over here that it will be cooked golden from both the sides and will also not be uncooked from inside because it is different from French omelette.

Now, our Spanish omelette is ready to enjoy.