8 Best Fairness Cream Recommended by Dermatologists

Best Fairness Cream

Today we are sharing information about 8 best fairness cream recommended by dermatologists. First of all, why are so many people using fairness creams?

The answer is that we are not happy with the color of our skin and we think that fair/white skin is the only mark of beauty.

Big companies exploit this mindset of ours by making fairness creams. Your skin color is given by nature.

Their skin got ruined after they stopped using a fairness cream, and are now seeking a remedy for it.

The biggest point is that when you start using these creams the skin begins looking fair and smooth for the first few days after use, but after 6 months, to 1 year of usage of these creams, the side effects of the chemicals contained in these creams begins to show on your skin.

Nowadays, the creams which people are buying after getting advice online and using them without proper consultation with a doctor contain Steroids, Hydroquinone, and Retinol A.

The creams which contain any of these 3 mentioned compounds, are Medicines, which are used for the treatment of a skin condition called MELASMA (a common skin problem).

That is why using such creams for fairness is not only wrong also highly dangerous. Using these creams for a long duration causes hair growth on the face and causes the skin to become thin or they can cause rashes and bumps on the face, and also cause black and white patches to appear on the skin.

Longterm usage of these creams can cause hormone imbalance in people, and they can also cause birth defects in newborn children if used by pregnant women.

Now, if you want to get rid of marks and blemishes from your skin and if you want your skin to become soft and light colored then we recommend some safe creams to use.

Skin care routine

These creams can be found at any good chemist shop. These creams have Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Vitamin C Arbutin, Liquorice & Nicotinic Acid

These compounds help to make the skin fair and smooth. These creams should be ONLY applied at night.

If your skin is dry then first apply a good moisturizer or pure coconut oil and then apply these creams on top.

If your skin is oily, then wash your face using a gentle face wash and then apply these creams.

The below-listed products are recommended by professional medical experts and dermatologists. Before using this a consultation with a dermatologist can help you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your skin condition.

Once you get a good result after 1-2 months of usage you should use natural moisturizers like Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil or Olive oil during the day and at night, to keep your face moisturized.

And you should also use natural masks, such as Honey-Lemon Juice Mask or fresh cucumber mask or Raw Potato mask.