Garcinia Cambogia and How to Lose Weight With It

Garcinia cambogia has been popular in case of weight loss. This fruit looks like a small pumpkin, it is also known as Malabar tamarind.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is available in various forms in the market as a tablet capsule or in the liquid form.

The supplements which you get in the market normally contain 2200 % of this acid and also always look for HCA percentage while buying as it is the main ingredient.

The more content the better fat loss. Suggested buying of supplements is with HCA percentage of 50 or more.

Garcinia cambogia:

garcinia cambogia

Garcinia can be used for conditions like diabetes, ulcer, diarrhea, constipation and for weight loss. It blocks your body’s ability to make fat and suppress your appetite.

Garcinia cambogia increases levels of serotonin which results in the reduction of appetite and second it holdbacks the production of citrate lies which plays an important role in the production of fat, this way your body’s fat production either stops or slows down considerably.

The changes which happen in your body are the total cholesterol level goes down bad cholesterol levels go down and good cholesterol levels go up and most important 125 to 250 % more fat is excreted through.

These all changes made by Garcinia cambogia in your body helps in a faster weight and fat loss.

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit-based natural supplement and an effective fat Buster.

You’ll be able to lose up to 10 to 20 Lbs that is 5 to 10 kilos of excess weight in a month, it means overall inch loss and a much leaner body without any weakness.

Garcinia cambogia also has a few other health benefits:

It improves your digestive system by protecting against stomach cancer, it also helps with diabetes by lowering insulin and leptin levels and reducing inflammation.

What is the ideal dosage for Garcinia cambogia?

The recommended daily dosage is up to 2800 mg of HCA.

Ideally, it is suggested to take a dose 30 minutes before every meal, for example, your back states 500 mg of HCA per tablet and safe to have thrice a day that is 1500 of HCA per day, which is safe.

Always buy from a reputed brand as mentioned that how many doses are safe to take each day.

Let’s know which kind of diet will help you with weight loss while you’re taking garcinia cambogia:

Have it every day as per the dosage for a minimum of one month along with high fiber and high-protein diet or a high-fat diet like keto.

It won’t be that effective if you’re on a low-fat high-carb diet.

You can continue taking the supplements until you reach your desired weight.

Also to let Garcinia cambogia work effectively, indulge in some form of exercise.

I basically suggest garcinia Cambogia to those who are obese don’t have control overeating or don’t have an active lifestyle.

Now let’s know if garcinia Cambogia is safe for all:

It is considered safe for diabetics, however, avoid taking Garcinia cambogia along with your blood sugar control medication as your glucose levels may go too low.

Avoid if you are a heart patient as it may cause spike’s and blood pressure and heart rate also.

Avoid if you have liver or kidney issues plus It is not recommended that the supplement is taken by pregnant and nursing mothers.

Garcinia cambogia is considered safe for thyroid, PCOS and PCOD.

Side effects:

Some of the side effects are skin rash, low blood sugar, cold, nausea, and headache. If you experience any such side effects then stop using it.