Avoid These 5 Biggest Workout Mistakes for Good Body

Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t progress and what you’re doing wrong? There are a lot of counterproductive workout habits. We will show you five of the biggest mistakes you should avoid to reach your goals and progress as fast as possible. Let’s start with it.

Your Training is Not Progressive

Doing the same
The first mistake is that your training is not progressively. Doing the same thing over a long period of time can lead to stagnation. If you want to progress you have to change something progressive. The workout does not only mean to increase the repetitions of an exercise. It means to make exercises harder this can be done by adding more weight. If you train with free weights or machines. But it can also mean that you change the progression. If you do bodyweight exercises instead of push-ups you can do ultra push-ups. And instead of pull-ups, you can do Archer pull-ups. In this way, you can adapt the exercise to your level and to your goals.

Resting too Long or Not Long Enough

Resting after gym workout
Mistake number two is that you rest too long or not long enough. Resting too long or not long enough between your training sessions can also lead to stagnation. Or even worse to a drop in performance. This has to do with the homeostasis and the super compensation mechanism. In simple words, if you rest too long between two training sessions you won’t progress. Because the training stimuli are to less frequent. But if you rest too short you also won’t progress because your body has not recovered enough. Yet this can not only lead to stagnation but also to overtraining an injury that sets you back in training.

Wrong Training Structure

Wrong Training Structure

Mistake number three you choose the wrong structure of your training. A good training needs a good structure, mixing exercises, rest periods training, volume frequency methods, and techniques together. Without cents won’t bring you the best possible progress. Before you start with your workout you should think about and prepare it what do you want to achieve. And is your training optimal adapted to that goal? Of course, this isn’t something you can learn overnight. But if you constantly think about your workout and test different things you will learn how to build up a well-rounded training structure.

Your Training is Not Adapted to Your Goals

Your Training is Not Adapted to Your Goals
Mistake number four is that your training is not adapted to your goals. If your training structure is right but doesn’t fit your goals. You also won’t achieve the best results to make that clear. I’ll give you a little example if you want to achieve a planche you can do as many push-ups as possible. But this won’t help you for achieving the planche. If you want to achieve a specific goal you have to adapt your training to it. Of course, it’s possible to train for different goals at the same time. But please keep in mind the more different goals you integrate the less you will progress. With every single one, some goals fit very well together while others don’t match. The world’s best marathoner cannot be the world’s best sprinter at the same time.

You Perform Your Exercises With Bad Form

You Perform Your Exercises With Bad Form
Mistake number 5 you perform your exercises with bad form. Don’t sacrifice your form for your ego period. This simply won’t let your progress, of course, it feels good if you are able to lift more weight. Or if you can do more reps of an exercise. But this won’t help you in the long term bad form. It doesn’t help you to build up strength technique and muscle mass in an optimal way. It can lead to injuries and you will waste your time in terms of your progress. And you disgrace yourself in front of other people.