7 Natural Remedies for Arthritis Joint Pain

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around a whopping 54.4 million adults in America suffer from arthritis, making it one of the most common chronic conditions in the country. Apart from the regular surgeries and physiotherapy, there are a few ways that can help relieve the joint pains effectively and naturally. If you too are suffering from the pain in the joints and inflammation, then here are seven home remedial measures that can alleviate the pain and inflammation in the joints:

1. Hot and Cold Compress

Hot and Cold Compress

One of the most effective ways of alleviating the pain in the joints is by using hot and cold compress together. The joint pains are usually due to inflammation. Hot compress helps in loosening the joint, which removes the stiffness from the joints. Moreover, cold compress helps in reducing the swelling and inflammation in the joints. Using both hot and cold compress together will ensure effective blood circulation, thereby relieving the pain quickly.

2. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

Another best home remedies for reducing arthritis joint pain is by using Epsom salt. It helps in providing quick pain relief. The presence of magnesium in large quantities in Epsom salt helps in aiding the bones in becoming stronger. Moreover, the skin quickly absorbs Epsom salt, and that is why it helps in offering a quick-relief treatment. You can mix Epsom salt with warm water and soak your body in it for 20 to 30 minutes for immediate joint pain relief.

3. Ginger and Turmeric Tea

Ginger and Turmeric Tea

Both turmeric and ginger contain anti-inflammatory properties. When you combine both these spices and have it in your hot tea, you can get relieved from the arthritis joint pain. Add a few drops of raw honey and lemon juice in your hot ginger and turmeric tea to add some flavor. Moreover, turmeric contains an active component known as curcumin that acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping in alleviating the inflammation.

4. Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion leaves contain vitamins A and C, which helps in healing tissue damage. These vitamins are also known to clean the blood off of any toxins. Furthermore, dandelion leaves are packed with anti-inflammatory properties that assist in reducing knee pain naturally. To use dandelion leaves, all you need to do is – crush a few leaves in boiling water, let it simmer, and add a few drops of raw honey. Drink this tea warm. The dandelion leaves tea will help in reducing the inflammation quickly.

5. Massages


If you want to feel relaxed and alleviate the pain in the joints, one of the effective ways is massages. It helps in making you feel relaxed and relieves the joints from pain. You can go for deep tissue massage that helps in improving the blood circulation around the affected area and quickly relieves the inflammation from the joints. Moreover, ask your masseuse to use essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, and chamomile oils for the massage.

6. Peppermint Eucalyptus Oil Blend


One of the most popular choices for a massage with essential oils is peppermint and eucalyptus blend. Both these oils are known to contain analgesic or pain-relieving properties to help you from reduced inflammation and joint pains. You can mix both these oils with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil to keep any skin irritation at bay. Massage the affected area with these oils to feel the pain go away.

7. White Willow Tea

White Willow Tea

White Willow Tea is also popularly called the natural Aspirin. It is an essential ingredient known to contain medicinal properties and offers results similar to that of Aspirin. We all know that Aspirin is used for relieving pain and inflammation of the joints and is also suggested by several doctors as a medication. However, one should not take a lot of medications and must go for natural remedies as much as possible to relieve the arthritis joint pains naturally. White willow contains an active ingredient called salicin, which is a great pain reliever but without any side effects. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of white willow bark in water, let it boil and steep the tea for about 20 to 30 minutes. You can add a few drops of raw honey for taste. Drink the tea warm.

Keep these natural home remedies handy to get rid of the knee joint pain quickly. In case the joint pain does not go away even after following these natural home remedies, it is best to see a doctor immediately to get a better overview of your condition.

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