6 Best Foods to Eat During Pregnancy in Springtime

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re going to be a mom, but that doesn’t change the fact that your body is probably starting to act in all sorts of new weird and wonderful ways.

Every doctor will tell you that you can’t eat this and that you need to reduce that, but they never seem to agree with one another. To give you plenty of ideas for the coming spring, we’ve put together a simple list of the best foods to eat during your springtime pregnancy. With seasonal choices and natural energy boosters, you’ll feel better than you have in years.

Strawberries are bursting with that all-important Vitamin C

If there’s a natural wonder drug, then it has to be Vitamin C. It keeps your skin glowing, fights off the common cold like nothing else, and singlehandedly keeps dozens of vital processes ticking over.

Strawberries are bursting with that all-important Vitamin C

Not only are strawberries a delicious source of this wonder vitamin but they’re also packed full of calcium. This is really important for your little one as it will help the two of you grow strong healthy bones, and create a healthy heart.

Artichokes are a superfood you may not have thought of before

One of the most common issues pregnant women face is feeling fatigued, and nearly always this is due to low iron levels. Artichokes work great with fresh pasta dishes and are packed full of iron to recharge your batteries so your little one goes from strength to strength.

They’re also a rich source of magnesium, potassium, and even folic acid. Ideal if you want to keep you and baby in perfect health right throughout your springtime pregnancy.

Asparagus keeps everything working just as it should

Vitamin K is an often overlooked supplement that has a number of amazing health benefits. By giving your growing baby loads of the natural goodness it needs to get ready to make its entrance into the world, Vitamin K helps prevent a whole range of potential birth defects. And the best thing about it is that it does it all the natural way.

You’ll also find plenty of A, B9, and C vitamins in there for good measure. Sounds like the archetypal pregnancy superfood if ever there were one!

Figs are a natural source of fiber that will promote good gut health

In the last couple of years, people have been paying more and more attention to the issue of gut health. The gut is the part of the body in which every nutrient is extracted and processed, so it makes sense that you need it to be healthy if you want to feel at the top of your game. In short, a healthy gut is one of the secret ingredients to a healthy pregnancy.

A single cup of dried figs contains an incredible 5 grams of pure fiber — everything your gut needs for a great workout. They’re also one of the very best dairy-free sources of calcium if you want to have the best pregnancy possible on a vegan diet.

Avocados are a natural source of the healthy fats that will top up your energy reserves

Many women make the mistake of thinking: ‘eating for two’ means they need to double up on portion sizes. Whilst an early stage pregnancy only consumes an additional 200 kcal a day, it’s what those calories are made up of that really counts.

Avocados are a natural source of the healthy fats that will top up your energy reserves

The healthy fats contained in avocados are the perfect never-ending energy source for your body that will allow your little one to go from strength to strength over the coming months.

Raspberry leaf tea will help you keep the dreaded morning sickness at bay

There’s nothing worse than feeling rundown and unable to eat when your body is trying to grow a little baby. Raspberry leaf tea is rich in natural compounds such as anti-oxidants that will keep every area of your body working in perfect harmony.

Even if you don’t feel the urge right now, there’s no harm in topping up your body’s reserves so that you are in the best shape possible for the months ahead. One thing is for sure, this kind of proactive approach will do both you and your little one the world of good.

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Daniela McVicker is a psychologist and family counselor. She is also a freelance writer and a contributor to Topwritersreview. Her passion is writing about leading a healthy family life and helping people enjoy their lives to the fullest.