5 Ways to Prevent Body Odor During Winter

Staying warm and avoiding the cold and flu winter brings with it a whole host of other tricky issues! There’s a lot to love about this season, but this can change pretty quickly especially when you’re dealing with embarrassing problems. Problem-free winter with these 5 simple yet super effective life hacks!
5 Ways to Prevent Body Odor During Winter

Over Layering

When the weather is frosty outside, it’s easy to forgo style and layer up in the coziest of clothes to stay warm. But even though it looks cute and all, the reality is straight up a hot sweaty mess. All those layers will not only make you look bulky, which may not be what you want but also generate a lot of heat in your body that will make you look like a sweaty, smelly snow-woman. The key to not look like you have worn every piece from your wardrobe is to pick out the right piece and wear them in the right order. Lightweight clothes that can adjust to body and room temperature will make you feel cool and comfortable throughout the day. This is the simplest way to look winter-ready without having to worry about sweat marks and body odor.

Stay Odour Free

Stay odour free
Now that we’ve established that it is indeed possible to sweat in your sweater with all that over-layering the next question that might pop up in your head is how do we keep ourselves from sweating? Well, the answer is pretty simple! Use the right roll on! is a great choice for the winter as it does its job of keeping your sweat and body odor at bay. Because of its zero alcohol content, it is also super gentle on your skin. Now, you can welcome the holidays with open arms knowing that you smell good! So go on, hug somebody!

Combat Dry Hands

Dry Hands
The winter weather is no fun for our skin either because the cold weather and low humidity result in dry air that steals all the moisture away from our skin. Obviously, we know that we need to moisturize with a good lotion but what we often forget to apply on the most frequently used body part our hands. Dryer areas like hands, elbows knees and feet have thin skin that tends to lose moisture faster than other areas of the body. Amp up your moisturizing routine by using a good moisturizer to banish this problem and keep your hands soft, supple and hydrated.

Smelly Coats & Jackets

Smelly coats and jackets
In places where the temperatures drop, you’re forced to wear coats and jackets to stay warm. But you’re still sweating and it’s all a bit smelly, so what do you do? Sure you can wash everything constantly but this tends to wear the items down quickly. So here’s an easy, water-free solution with baking soda. That will help you keep your jackets and coats smelling fresh as new! All you have to do is sprinkle some baking soda into the armpit area. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and then dust it off. Inexpensive, hassle-free and requires zero thought this is the holy grail of DIY.

Beat Winter Blues

Beat winter blues
Even the most dedicated person finds it difficult to work out when it’s freezing outside. But it’s totally worth powering through, for your skin! Exercise is great for your skin and overall

health. Because any physical activity increases circulation, bringing freshly oxygenated blood to your skin drawing out all the toxins. And helping to keep your pores clean. In the whirl of the holiday season, not many of us are aware of these problems and their side effects. That tends to occur simply because we are not paying enough attention or are not doing some simple things.