5 Simple Ways To Comfort A Crying Baby

It is really tough to Handle Crying Baby for Mothers.  The first three months after having a child is the toughest phase of every parent.

We need to Understand why the Baby is crying. When you hear your child crying, these things need to be done to calm your child. So when you hear your baby cry, here is a checklist to help you to calm your child.

The Golden Checklist

The golden checklist

Check The Attire

Check the attire

Don’t overdress your baby. Dress them up with something comfortable like light & Airy Attire depending upon the climate.

The 5S

The 5s

The 5s

  • Swinging the child in the cradle can calm the baby and helps in sleep.
  • Making baby sleep on the side or stomach position is helpful in calming the baby. Do not make the baby sleep on the back which will make them restless.
  • Shushing can help the baby in calming and making him sleep.
  • Swaddling the baby in blanket also helps in the Moro reflex.
  • Allow the baby to suck a pacifier or thumb. this will help in calming the baby.

Gas and Reflux

Gas and reflux

Light abdomen massage in close wise motion to push the gas trapped in the intestine would comfort the baby.

Feeding At Small Intervals

Feeding at small intervals

Feeding the baby in small intervals with small portions will help the baby to calm down and stop Crying. It also helps to avoid acidity.