5 Physical and Mental Benefits of Meditation

Five minutes of meditation, one to two times per day can help you stop the world. And transcend your woes packing. Here are five amazing benefits to getting your own. Check out”5 Physical and Mental Benefits of Meditation”.

Benefits of Meditation

It Does Your Body Good

Body Good

Number five forget milk meditation does a body. Good research shows that it can lower blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease and strengthen the immune system. It’s like a shot of wheatgrass only without the wheatgrass taste.

It Sharpens Your Mind


Number four it sharpens your mind. Meditation can improve your concentration attention to detail and focus allowing you to juggle it all without dropping the ball.

Meditate And Be Happy


Number three welcome to your happy place. Regular meditation can increase serotonin production. Which improves your mood and helps with anxiety and depression. It’s your body’s natural happy drug and this time it’s okay to just say yes.

Zen = ZZZZs


The number two moments of Zen equals more Z’s. Are you tossing and turning every night and waking up cranky and ready for a nap. Expert says 20 minutes of meditation a day can improve your sleep even for serious insomniacs. So a little Zen can get you a lot more Z’s.

Stress Less Feel You Best


Number one benefit of daily meditation you’ll stress less. Regular stress hurts both your figurative and literal heart. So break the cycle there are a ton of ways to meditate. Some are as simple as focused breathing. Which means that if you’re breathing you’re already halfway there. Find the meditation practice that works for you and you feel better inside and out.