10 Ways To Check Your Food Products Are Good To Eat

If you want to know the food you’re about to consume is okay. Most methods for checking the food you eat every day require the assistance of professionals or even special equipment. However, there are some checks you can carry out in your own kitchen or right in the supermarket.



If you see a thick layer of fat or white stripes on a chicken breast these signs can mean that the chicken was injected with growth hormones. Farmers do this to make the birds gain weight faster at the same time such meat is bad for your health. Since the process of weight gain goes too fast when boosted by hormones, fresh chicken meat is pink. Avoid buying poultry that looks gray, yellowish, or translucent

You should also keep in mind that fresh chicken meat doesn’t have any odor. If you’ve sniffed a suspicious scent coming from the meat hold it under running water for several minutes and then check again if the smell lingers.

2.Sour cream

Sour Cream

Sour cream contains vegetable fats. To make sure you’ve bought a natural product add a spoonful of sour cream to a glass of hot water, if the product is of poor quality
white flakes will appear in the glass. If the sour cream is natural you’ll see a homogeneous white liquid a moldy stinky or rancid sour cream will clearly tell you that the product has gone bad.

You should also pay attention to the color of sour cream if it’s yellow or discolored it may have fungi or bacteria growth inside.



To check how natural honey is you can scoop out some of this product with a spoon and start to pour it onto a flat surface. Fake honey will drip plus it will immediately spread all over the surface, as for high-quality natural honey it will trickle from the spoon in a thin stream because of its thick structure.

Another way to distinguish fake honey is to add a tablespoon of the product to a glass of water, if the honey is artificial it’ll dissolve in the water and you’ll be able to notice it clearly around the glass. Pure honey will drop down to the bottom of the glass and settle.

4.Frozen veggies, berries, and fruits

Frozen veggies, berries, and fruits

If a package of frozen veggies berries or fruits has pieces of ice or snow inside, or if you can feel big solid blocks of the food. The product hasn’t been stored properly the chances are high that the food has been thought and then refrozen freshly. Frozen packaged foods should have only a thin layer of frost covering.



When you choose fish first check its smell. High-quality fresh fish will have a clean and briny sea smell, a suspicious fishy odor means that the fish isn’t good. Check the eyes of the fish they should be shiny and bright if you notice milky or cloudy sunken eyes you can be sure that the expiration date of this product is near.

Avoid buying fish that is squishy or too soft and pay attention to the scales which should be firmly attached to the body, the gills should have a bright red color the older the fish is the duller and browner.



When you choose the meat to poke it with your finger, if the meat is fresh your fingerprint will disappear. According to professional chefs, properly stored cold meat should be hard. If you’ve already bought a big piece of meat, cut it in half you’ll know that its shelf life was extended with the help of additives.

If the meat is dark but as clearly visible white contours also high-quality meat will never look brown or gray in the center or on the edges. Pat the meat with a paper towel if there isn’t much moisture in blood left on the towel the meat is fresh.

7.Ice cream


It’s extremely easy to check if your favorite ice cream contains vegetable fats leave it to sit at room temperature if it contains vegetable fats the ice cream will stay frozen for a longer period of time, in the end, it will melt into a homogeneous liquid.

If the quality of ice cream is high and its ingredients are natural it will melt into a thick creamy substance with a white color.



It’s easy to spot cheese that contains vegetable fats. Cheese will crumble when you try to cut it, in addition, it’ll develop cracks and dry out. If you leave it unwrapped. however, this doesn’t apply to some types of hard cheeses such as cheddar. You can also leave a piece of cheese at room temperature if this cheese is of high quality it will become softer.



If you need to check the freshness of herbs hold a bunch of them in your hand if the leaves are hanging over the sides these herbs are already wilted. moreover, if the stems are too long and the color is too dark this product is likely to contain nitrates.

Fresh herbs are known for their natural green color, there’s one more important thing to remember when you pick herbs overexposure to the Sun and too much handling can activate the volatile oils that make herbs so flavorful that’s why you should opt for a product that isn’t bruised or dry.



The first thing that will tell you an egg is spoiled is it smells. If the odor is foul throw it away, if you don’t want to craft the egg but need to figure out if it’s
still okay to use put it in a cup filled with water. A fresh egg will drop to the bottom of the cup and lie on its side if the egg drops to the bottom what stands
upright you can eat it but do this as soon as possible.

The best way to eat such an egg is to hard-boil it finally if the egg doesn’t sink but floats on the surface of the water it has gone bad and you should throw it away.