10 Varieties of Citrus Fruits and Vegetables Loaded With Vitamin C

Citrus fruits are vitamin C loaded fruits and vegetables are an effective immune building agent. Citric acid is a water-soluble weak organic acid that is seen in all the citrus fruits and vegetables. It is essential for growing kids and adults of all ages and agents against any infection.

One can boost their immune system by consuming citrus fruits. Here is the list of top 10 citrus fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamin C:


Yellow color fruit, which is one of the main vitamin C enriched fruit, which can be consumed as a juice or it can be added along with food to get a tangy flavor. The citric content in this fruit gives the tangy taste.


Orange is a universal fruit which is available worldwide. The orange is a mixed fruit of pomelo and mandarin oranges. They loaded with good flavor and taste. The food needs to be cut and relished plain.


A vitamin C boosted fruit has a beautiful orange skin outside and pink flesh inside. This type of fruit is a fantastic fruit to drink as a juice due to its sweet and sour taste.


Pomelo is an Asian fruit that is an original citric fruit, which is a crossbreed of tangerine and grapefruit. The outside skin is green and the inside flesh is white Tori, the pink which determines the sourness of the fruit.

Garden beans:

Beans, the green-colored fresh vegetable loaded with different vitamins along with vitamin C. The long-stranded vegetables mixed with other citric vegetables are a vitamin booster.

Roughly the replica of cauliflower with the change in color:

It is a wonderful antioxidant as well as vitamin C loaded vegetables. This vegetable falls under the cauliflower category. You can have this vegetable raw as well.


This fruit falls under the juicy citrus fruit category, the size of this fruit is a size of a wrist and the skin needs to be peeled. The fruit is a mixture of mandarin and sweet orange which is less acidic than other citric foods.


Carrots are orange colored. They are of the shape of a stick. It is a vitamin K and vitamin C loaded vegetable. This root vegetable is a fantastic snack for kids as well as the excellent vegetable for people with eyesight issues.


The juicy reddish vegetable which is an anti-cancer vegetable as well as an amazing vitamin C loaded vegetable. The lycopene in tomatoes gives the red color to the tomatoes. Vitamins are what tomatoes consist of. They are easily digestible by kids and aged people too.


Berries are the amazing vitamin C loaded fruit. The fruits included in every family are like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. The berries are acidic which gives the sour taste combined with a sweet taste.