10 Surprising Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Our body requires many nutrients to keep it functioning, and one such nutrient is vitamin D. It is also known as sunshine vitamin and is fat soluble.

Vitamin D is generally prepared by our body when our skin receives sunshine on its surface, otherwise, it can also be ingested through dietary supplements.

Vitamin D


This particular vitamin gives out an immense number of health benefits among which the top ten are listed below:

Improves bone health:

Improves bone health

The health of bones is kept in check with the intake of vitamin D as it helps in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus balance in the body. It increases the mass of bones and prevents its degradation.

Improves physical performance:

Improves physical performance

Vitamin D enhances muscle growth balance and physical performance.

It is highly effective in maintaining the metabolism and functional process of muscles in the human body.

Thus, to improve stamina and performance vitamin D supplements are widely recommended.

Prevents osteoporosis:

Prevents osteoporosis

Deficiency of vitamin D inflicts damaging of the mineral density of the bones and this is why besides the consumption of calcium doctors also recommend the intake of vitamin D. It is also used in the therapy of osteoporosis.

Protection against cancer:

Protection against cancer

A major health benefit of vitamin D is its protection provided against cancer.

Vitamin D helps in killing cancerous cells of diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and also ovarian cancer.

It also prohibits the cancerous cells from spreading all over the body.

Prevents respiratory diseases:

Prevents respiratory diseases

Vitamin D intake can help in keeping one safe from acquiring any respiratory tract infections or disorders. It also boosts the immunity system of the body.

Improves cognitive functions:

Improves cognitive functions

If the levels of vitamin D in the human body lower down, then the person becomes susceptible to getting issues related to mood swings, dementia, and cognitive functions.

Prevents depression:

Prevents depression

Vitamin D reduces the risk of onset of depressive thoughts in a person. It has been found that people who suffered from depression also suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D.

Lowers risks of Parkinson’s disease:

Parkinson’s disease

When a person suffers from Parkinson’s he or she suffers a loss of dopaminergic neurons in his substantial nigra due to the inadequate intake of vitamin D; Thus, the injection of vitamin D is recommended.

Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease:

Alzheimer’s disease

It has been found that the people who have Alzheimer’s contain a lower concentration of vitamin D in their bloodstream.

If the concentration of vitamin D in the blood is found to be below 50 nmol/L then the person runs the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease and this is why patients suffering from it are advised to take vitamin D supplements.

Improvement in the quality of sleep:

Improvement in the quality of sleep

A study has revealed that vitamin D helps in regulating the quality of sleep and thus is effective in treating severe sleep apnea or insomnia in patients.

Doctors recommend the intake of vitamin D supplements to treat the abnormal sleep cycles that can occur from several kinds of reasons.