10 Skincare Mistakes That Are Making Your Face Blemish

Today we’re gonna be talking about things that you know how to take care of your skin. You already know how to make it look better but there’s a lot of things you don’t know. Some underground tips that you really don’t know until you become aware of them. Today I want to focus on the art of skincare. Transforming your skin using products you already own. But using them smarter and better and getting results that you really really want.



Ever since I was taught about how to take care of my skin I’ve seen people recommending toner. Put toner onto a cotton pad and gently wipe it across your face. I think that this is a no-go, in fact, I have completely stopped using cotton pads. A lot of women like it as a second cleansing system and they look at all the dirt that comes off after you wash
your face. But when we learn how to properly cleanse our skin you don’t need to use your toner.

Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup

A second method of removing makeup and things like that. What I want you to try instead is pouring the toner directly into your hand and then picking it up with the palms of your hands. And your fingertips and pressing it gently over your skin. Using this at full force is gonna allow that toner to go deep into the skin without compromise. You’re really getting all of the benefits and this is going to give your skin an environment to really glow. A lot of toners come in spray form as well so this can be an easier option.

Muscle Memory

Muscle memory

Now setting yourself up for success is key in skincare. You can buy all the fancy products you want but if you’re not using them correctly you’re not gonna get a good result. Check out the same three areas you always go to cleanse your skin. It leaves a lot to be desired in the areas that aren’t really getting. I love muscle memory but not when it comes to cleansing my skin. Because this unconscious cleansing is going to leave you with areas of the skin that are unclenched.

And still dirty so what I want you to do is just take a look at your skin in micro areas. Like the jawline and the cheeks behind the ears, different areas where you would normally neglect. Start paying extra attention to them and watch your skin get really really clear really fast.

Sleep Hygiene


One of the biggest deciding factors on the quality of your skin is going to be the hygiene of your bed. A lot of people don’t think about it. But you’re sleeping on this pillow and if you haven’t been cleansing or washing your sheets. Then you’re gonna notice that your skin can’t be clear because you’re sleeping on bacteria for like eight hours a night. Don’t forget to clean off your phone. This is another area of life that’s really gonna contribute to the quality of your skin. Whether you realize it or not just take some rubbing alcohol and clean it off once a week it’s the least we can do to.

Fast Fix

Fast Fix

Keep our skin acne free. Now if you ever get a pimple and you don’t want to pop it because you have any level of resistance. It causes scarring so what I’ve done is switched up my routine to using a spot treatment. This is a sulfur-based treatment. A lot of brands make this. This is not native to one specific product. It’s an effective way of clearing a pimple overnight and taking all of the hydration out of the pimple. Making it lay flat and be a lot easier to cover you’ll be left with a little piece of dry skin. And on the third day, it’ll be a lot more reasonable looking.

My recommendation is on days like this when you have a pimple make yourself look fresh again. By using a little bit of concealer in the areas where you have redness, underneath the eyes to cover up dark circles and of course on the pimple itself. Because less makeup looks so much better and so much fresher when you have a breakout now you’ll notice.

Special Ingredient

Special Ingredient

I’m showing you techniques and ways of using things not actually here owing any products when you hero a product to use like persuasion and lighting and all the things to kind of position it as a solution or a savior that’s why it’s called a hero but the thing is this next tip is all about the ingredient itself not about any for like particular product pick what works for
you based on budget and what’s reasonable to add to your routine I’m gonna link my favorite vitamin C products below what it does is brightens up the skin it allows me to wear less foundation it’s lightened up my dark circles and it’s given me a lot of confidence to have my skin look like this not to mention it’s fantastic for anti-aging

Dry Cleansing

Dry Cleansing

It’s essentially using the cleanser on your skin without any barrier of water. What you do is take your cleanser to apply it to the skin and take about 30 seconds in this process to really massage it into the skin. You’re gonna notice that this feels a little bit tacky. A little bit different because we’re so used to using water with our cleansers. But as you notice it starts to go super tacky and turn a little bit white that’s when it’s time to activate the cleanser. Now not only does this help you pay it more attention to your cleansing process which is a huge part of clearing up your skin. But it also lifts up kind of like removing glue off of your face.

Dirty Environments

dirty environments

Now most importantly and perhaps most overlooked we often keep our products in really dirty environments. And we just keep them there and don’t think about the fact. That bacteria is often transferred from our hands to our face. And clearing up your skin can sometimes be those simple things. Like just being aware of what you’re touching so be aware of your environment and give your products of cleansing from time to time. It really does make a difference.

Day Shine Hack

Day Shine Hack

This is a two-in-one and I want to make a point about something that I think is a common misconception in skincare. A lot of people talk about using the exfoliator of a solution for dry skin. Two things if you have actual dry flaky skin depending on the microbeads in the exfoliator. It’s a really risky bet to assume that they will glide across the skin and crosshatch in a way that will go up. And under and lift that dead skin off oftentimes. Use scotch tape for this. This will absolutely work every single time.

It will actually remove the dead skin so where does this leave. Using this twice a week is going to help anything that you layer on top. After exfoliation go much deeper into the skin and they encourage cell turnover which will help your skin rejuvenate in the freshest way you can imagine.



This is kind of another thing but like I’m just encouraging you guys to wash your makeup brushes. It’s gonna improve your skin, it’s totally worth it and it’s a hassle. But maybe put some music on and just like getting down and dirty with your makeup brushes. And make them super clean and watch your skin and proof.