10 Home Remedies to Cure Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain can be an obstacle in daily life as your motion cannot be easy and you may face problem in accessing or reaching out to many things. For a fitness motion and functioning of your body, it is essential to get rid of these pains.

Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain

If the pain is in the mild stage you can get rid of it at home with natural remedies. Here we have 10 Home Remedies to Cure Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Warm water bath:

Warm water bath

There is a medical term for using warm water for curing neck and shoulder pain which is hydrotherapy.

In this process, you need to just stand under the shower with your geyser on and let the warm waterfall on the place where you are experiencing the pain. Within three to four minutes of this, you can feel a bit of relief.



You must have heard of apple cider vinegar has various health benefits and one such as relieving pain.

Pour the apple cider vinegar in a small towel and dab it on the place of pain. It is an anti-inflammatory element and antioxidants which will reduce the pain.

Using molasses with blackstrap:

blackstrap molasses

If you continue to have calcium deficiency then nothing in the world can reduce your pain, so start having calcium and potassium supplements or natural feed with these elements and along with that we’re blackstrap molasses to reduce the pain.



You can have ginger tea or ginger in your form to get rid of the pain as ginger have been protecting people from inflammation for ages.

You can also grate ginger and put it in a cloth and boil it in water for half a minute and then place it on your neck or shoulder. It works like magic.

Epsom salt bath:

Epsom salt bath

It has been medically approved that Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate in bathing water can reduce body pain and eggs it helps in muscle relaxation and turns pain, gets reduced.

An ice pack or hot bag:

ice pack or hot bag

You can use any of these two or both help in relieving pain to some extent instantly.

You can get a ready-made ice pack or put ice within a cloth and dab on the place or use a hot bag with water inside it and put it on the painting area.



Specific exercises can be useful for getting rid of this kind of pains. Stretches especially, help in relaxing your muscle and thus get you rid of the pain.

Bathing in salted water:

Bathing in salted water

This may be a little old school but effective when it comes to relieving pain at home from your neck or shoulder you can put salt in your bathing water and use it then.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil

Lavender oil has been used since ages in massaging body as it helps in getting rid of aches and pains you can massage it on the neck and shoulder to get rid of the pain you are experiencing.

Change your sleeping posture:

Change your sleeping posture

Often neck and shoulder pain are caused due to your sleeping posture so change the position in which you sleep and find out if it helps.