10 Home Remedies for Faster Hair Growth and Thickness

Today we are here with 10 easy home remedies with Tips and tricks on getting long hair and kind of a mini hair-care routine:

The first tip is to limit the heat that you use on your hair, heat strips your moisture and it also damages your cuticle.

Try and only use heat tools maybe once or twice a week my straightener is from

The second tip: is to invest in a really good shampoo and conditioner. Drugstore brands consist mostly of cheap fillers and chemicals. A huge difference in hair growth is seen when shampoo is switched to a high-quality brand.

Tip three: Your hair is the fastest growing natural tissue in your body. Feeding your body essential fatty acids minerals and protein will prevent a dry scalp.

When you’re eating well and you’re eating foods that are rich in nutrients, you’ll notice that your hair will get that healthy shine that everyone wants. Nutrition is so important to the health of your hair.

Tip four: So following that same idea water is essential for healthy long hydrated hair is happy hair.

Tip five: Once or twice a week, soak your hair in a hair mask. You can pick hair mask up at some salons but just use simple oils.

There’s a whole variety of oils that are amazing for your hair and these oils add some moisture to your hair and keep them looking healthy.

When you are about to diet or bleach it or any other kind of damaging process. It really eases the damage.

Just melt the oil in your hands and then put it all over your hair and then put a hair cap over top and then just go to bed.

Tip six: Try to tie your hair, the absolute minimum, so that it causes less stress and breakage. Especially, if your hair is thin and if you do tie it, tie it loosely and use a good hair tie. A bad quality hair tie can cause even more breakage.

Tip number seven: is that don’t wash your hair that often maybe once a week say, because over washing your hair strips your hair lose its natural oils and then your glands will produce more oils over time to compensate for it.

It’s just a vicious little cycle and then this excess oil will clog your hair glands and it’s just not good. So the trick is to let your hair find its own balance by not washing so often.

Tip number seven: You know those expensive hair growth pills that you always see advertised everywhere. They’re actually just a mixture of regular vitamins. So save yourself some money and go to the store and just pick up a bottle of vitamins. Vitamins promote healthy follicle growth.

Tip number eight: Just being out in the Sun can give you some of those healthy vitamins to get in those trims.

Tip number nine: Not cutting your hair looks those little split ends run all the way up the follicle and break your strands. Try to get a trim every four to six weeks.

The last tip is that your hair brush actually matters and the way you brush your hair. Get a brush that detangles softly and is gentle with it.