10 Foods to Avoid to Get a Flat Stomach Without Exercise

Here are the top 10 foods you should avoid if you have a flat belly or if you’re working towards getting one.

These foods will add fat to the whole body including belly making it difficult to get a belly that we always dream of.

So let’s get started and find out from which foods we are supposed to stay away from.

  • Alcohol:


These are mostly high in calories, alcohol triggers your mind to have more food so even if you are full you may tend to have some more junk like fries, chips, etc. and a single night of drinking means on taking hundreds of calories including Foods.

  • Refined cream:

Refined cream and its products

It is advisable to avoid refined grain and its products like white bread, pizza, white rice, etc. These are purely carbs and are as bad as eating sugar. They also cause bloating and constipation.

  • Soda and energy drinks:

Soda and energy drinks

All the carbonated drinks including the zero calorie ones are sweetened with artificial sugars and high fructose corn syrups which increases the abdominal fat levels in our body.

None of these provide you with any kind of nourishment moreover they make you dehydrated, thirsty and hungry very soon.

  • Packed processed or canned foods:

Processed food

Processed foods like bacon, salami, etc., canned foods like soup and packed foods like popcorn are terrible for a flat stomach.

These are high in sodium and saturated fats which will make usz fat in no time instead indulgent grilled chicken and fish.

  • Fruit juices:

Fruit juices

99% of the bad fruit juices are a mix of fruit juice water sugar flavors and preservatives so always check the label before buying if it’s a 100% juice only then it has got to go.

  • Energy bars and shakes:

Energy bars and shakes

100g of such energy bars have a whopping 350 calories.

They give you carbs and calories to sustain for a few hours. But energy bars marketed as healthy alternatives to full meals are often nothing than candy wrapped in a protein or fiber skin.

Most bars are a dead fold meaning they lack nutritional value.

Energy bars don’t give you or your body anything substantially, nutritionally and it is not recommended when it comes to having a lot. Maintaining a flat belly even if they give you a good amount of protein but the source of protein matters.

  • Salty foods:


Salty foods

Eating high sodium foods results in fluid retention example soya sauce as it’s a sodium overdose.

The salt in these foods retains water in a body and thus makes our belly look puffy and bloated.

  • Ice-cream:


Ice cream is made up of artificial flavors sugar or sugar derivatives and a lot of preservatives. These all make an ice-cream a very high-calorie food.

  • Fried foods:

Fried foods

French fries, fried chicken, etc. are high in sodium and saturated fats. They not only cause obesity but also acid reflux and heartburn.

  • Chewing gum:

Chewing gum

Gums with or without sugar both cause intestinal bloating and gas. They contain artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Your mind triggers the stomach to release more digestive juices and this process makes you hungry soon.

You may notice that if you like chewing gum then, it would be more motivated to eat junk food like potato fries and candy and not fresh fruits, etc. So, yes chewing gum is not good for your belly.

These 10 foods are a few of the most common foods. You mostly have avoided them before they make you obese.