10 Chest Muscle Gain Workout For Mass

Hi, guys today we will be discussing 10 chest exercise. Nowadays people are very much concerned about their bodies. Due to which people are very much into exercise. So let’s discuss the top 10 chest exercises.

1. Dumbell Chest Squeeze

Dumbell Chest Squeeze

You can also use a ball, the dumbbell is nice because the handles give you a nice neutral grip was it which is wrist-friendly. By having the hands facing these tight couple things happen. One you work more of external fibers of the packs. You’re also gonna be able to create this kind of a deduction squeezing force as you go up and down. Which is gonna make those pecs work even harder. I like this for kind of a constant tension stimulus slow up slow down stay in motion. Push those handles in together squeezing then come up the slow squeeze. Just keep it in motion for max reps never stopping going up and down. Constant stimulus constant squeeze.

2. Extended Wide Grip Pulsing Push-Ups

Extended Wide Grip Pulsing Push-Ups

By extending the range of motion you actually allow your chest to stretch more. Under load create more muscle damage strength gains all that good stuff mobility. You can elevate your hands on a stable box, bench or step. You can use parallettes or dumbbell handles you can also use the sand-dunes stampers. That provides also a slight instability from work stabilization and muscle activation. The wider grip is going to work a little more outer PEC but also limit the contribution of the triceps. Keep more of a chest movement and by pulsing staying in more. In the bottom half range of the movement there is no tricep contribution. There’s constant tension on the chest muscles and we’re spending more time in the hardest position the bottom half of the movement.

You can angle the fingers out a little bit as you go with a wider stance squat till we’ve got a pressure of the wrist. Block the feet together hollow body position they’re rich shoulders on abs crunch. You’re gonna maintain that you lower all the way down keeping the forearms vertical. Then with the nose hovering just above the floor, you’re gonna pulse up and down continuously. This is the great max reps protocol or working for light say one to two straight minutes just pulsing owning the movement. Using the chest to lower and lift nothing else all the while keeping a straight line from the head through the heels.

3. Eccentric Isometric Dip

Eccentric Isometric Dip

A lot of people think the dip is a tricep movement. It also works a triceps but if you do it properly lead with the chest keep the forearms vertical. It is the number one chest builder and there are ways to make it super hard without adding weight fast or changing them. I do use those protocols you can use your body weight and slow down the tempo to actually create more muscle damage. Eccentric isometric means we’re gonna take at least four three to four seconds down. Then hold for a count or two or upwards of four seconds. Sometimes they go five seconds down five-second hold.

All the protocols work as you add time. It makes each rep harder so let’s show the four-four option. I’m gonna get locked in just take one two three four pauses right there. The triceps are about parallel to the floor three come up one two three four. The body would feel like a heavyweight and also lengthening. This Center creates more muscle damage and some good gains. Holding that bottom position and pulling it and feeling concur on that bottom position. It will allow you to kind of skyrocket your loads your reps as you can comfortable there. Actually do the fast full range of motion reps love this.

4. Eccentric Chest Fly

Eccentric Chest Fly

A lot of people, not the chest fly as being a bad move for the shoulders. In reality, it’s just an isolated movement that takes all the accessory muscles out of it and laser focuses on the chest muscles. The packs doing horizontal abduction in the transverse plane. What’s called the eccentric fly depress we can overload the fly portion and then assist with the press. So you’re stronger in the press weaker in the fly. You can be used to heavier loads you can go heavier loads for six to eight reps. And you can go lighter loads for 10-plus red space and what the goal is. All rep ranges are ideal for the maximum development of all the muscle fibers.

Here we go you’re gonna get a slight bend in the elbows I like the incline option because it works more of the upper pecs. The clavicular head which a lot of men tend to be very undeveloped in slight bends hugs. The bench at the upper back and take five seconds to slowly lower three four five pauses the stretch for a second. Then bring it in and press up and then keep repeating that flow. The eccentric portion of the exercise is the most important for strength and muscle gain. It also creates for most muscle damage and subsequent growth. Again start with just a couple sets of these in the beginning so you don’t get too sore. You want to be able to do that city dance between sets have been doing too much you won’t be able to.

5. Banded Dumbbell Chest Press

Banded Dumbbell Chest Press

I like dumbbells over barbells for building muscle. We actually can work on imbalances between sides and get more range of motion. It tends to be easier on the joints. The one issue is as we press through the top we don’t have as much tension there. Adding the bands can actually make it hardest at the top. We really have to squeeze those chest muscles as you push through. It’s also great for the serratus anterior muscles right alongside here is very important for shoulder health and the one thing too. It actually allows you because you can use heavier weights. You’ve got a pump a town to accommodate the increase pay attention to a load. The shoulder joint in the bottom of the moon where some people struggle.

I feel like I get the most PEC activation play around and see what works best for you. I’m pushing away chest up hugging the bench to the upper back gets all the way down. You know something to get all the way down to there’s zero band tension. Press through sets of eight to 15 reps are awesome for building muscle or work periods of 3060 seconds. I could also use a couple it’s kind of a Spoto press which means you stop just short of full range right there. While there’s still a little bit of tension in the band and I’m just pressing from there that actually helps you build bench strength. It’s a really weak position to hold and press room. Again alleviate shoulder stress for a lot of people that one gets you more of a constant tension stimulus and will destroy the pecs enjoy.

6. Lateral Band

Lateral Band

The band option you put the band right around the wrist anchored at just about shoulder level. Now which angle you’re using for your press credit to dr. Joel Sivan where I first saw this from when the band does. It gives you some a deduction force to add on the press was basically like the combination fly press crazy activation. When one arm at a time will also enhance the core work on this and make you more stable. When you return to more stable press variations more strength out of the bottom.

In particular love this one for higher-ups constant tension stimulus here we go we get set up. Putting a band right around the wrist we maintain that. The goal is you’re pressing straight up though with the band pull you in the lock-in that core. Push through in this squeeze at the top hold it owns it. You got to go at least 25 to 50% lighter than normal. On this movement to really appreciate how much extra challenge we get with the band again lighter loads go longer way more.

7. Bottoms Up Plate Presses

Bottoms Up Plate Presses

This will be great for warm-up sets, rehab settings, back offsets and work periods of one to two minutes with lighter loads or 30 to 60 seconds for heavier loads. Going bottoms-up is just can increase the stabilization demands all across your upper body. It’s going to actually allow also building, crushing grip strength will make you stronger. All their upper body moves in any exercise in general where the grips involved. Again very easy on the shoulders make a lighter logo longer weigh the metabolic stress. One of the key factors of muscle growth is off the charts. Because of all the muscle activation and slowing the tempo down you can’t rush these. So I get like this you’re gonna squeeze hard hugging the bench in the upper back. Then slowly lower again squeezing the plate making sure don’t you can stop in couple points.

One is that arms at 90-degree angle point push all the way through at the top. You can also bring it lower if your mobility allows for it both options are viable. All right just really control it press through and you’re just going to feel insane amounts of activation in the entire body. Not just a chest but by bringing in more of these muscle groups learn how to create more tension. It’ll make you stronger when you go back to regular variations. The cool thing about this too easy to start with twenty fives or even tens in the beginning. As you go to like 35 45 you not only increase the weight. But as the plate gets bigger you increase the instability demand.

8. Flywheel Or Cable Chest Press

It’s important to use a variety of training tools because free weights are dead weights dumbbells. They have a unique strength curve. The top cables actually give you a constant stimulus. Bands give you an increased resistance as you extend. The flywheel has a unique stimulus in the sense. As the harder you push out the heart pulls back at you. Some great research is behind flywheel machines. You’ve got a really lock in the core and then you get the huge load through that stretch position on the pecs pushing through. It’s only as hard as you make it. You know pushing out as fast you can it comes back harder.

Can also increase the load via heavier flywheel for more flywheels that don’t have extra file. You probably won’t you can just use a cable option a great option to add to your training. Get on your feet and just get you stronger from the foot through head right not just laying on your back and pressing. These are great options for higher reps, medium reps, lower reps. It’s not as best of an option for this you want to ease more dumbbell options. There you meet this flywheel from going eccentric.

9. Low-Pulley Cable Fly

Low-Pulley Cable Fly

Some moves are great for building strength and muscle heavier lower rep ranges some are just ideal for pump and burn protocols. Making those titties swell metabolic stress. The band cable option is great for that. But never something you want to really load up heavy. In fact lighter loads for really extended periods. I’m talking like 1 to 2 minutes or like 50 to 100 reps are going to be ideal for this towards the end of the workouts. If you want to really pre-fatigue the chest and get a mind-muscle connection going. You want to use all the angles lower medium-high. The high work more upper pecs outer pecs a bit the lower. Option gets more of that sternal head kind of the squeeze lower-tech options. Use them all sometimes I’ll do 33 high 33 middles 33 low.

Open up the hands a bit the bands, by the way, to give you peak tension. A key contraction cable to be a constant tension stimulus so both are good. Different feel opens up the palms you can take the grip bottom. They get all chest like that and the elbows get a good stretch. There’s tension, in the beginning, come up and squeeze those pecs together and try to keep a kind of a constant tension stimulus instead. Get 20 I’ll rest instead of coming back out in the scratch position. I keep tension in there the blood keeps pulling in and then I’ll do another. I’d say 10 to 15 and I can keep repeating that process until I get 100 total.

10. Ball Squeezes

It’s a great way to get an isometric mind-muscle connection one for the chest. There are easy on the joints it looks stupid right. A lot of the stuff that is super effective that involves focus and contractions. You just use heavy weights up and bench press but again they tend to have shitty chest muscles. It’s a couple off you use a medicine ball which is smaller so you can change the stimulus based on how big the ball is. If you go real wide it’s gonna be a little outermore PEC. You go closer to get more interpret the ball will also lie to kind of come across like this. A med ball also gives you some load to hold the chest level. That’ll work your shoulders a bit too. Let me show you that option one or two minutes on this.

One just squeezing in can be used as a warm-up move a finishing move. You can follow it up like do some of this after some chest press to finish off the chest or extend the time under tension. Squeeze it together as you push out push push push push never lose the squeeze. Alright if I use the stability ball that’s better in my opinion. Just like pick an angle and hold for time let’s say 20 to 60 seconds. You can bring closer hold bring in the middle out and hold or all the way out and hold it. Because clear off where you feel the most chest activation. I think about right here based on the size of the ball is where I will feel the most. Just push in the route yourself down and learn how to create as much tension.