10 Best Vegetarian High-protein Food for Weight Loss

10 Best Vegetarian High-protein Food for Weight Loss. Proteins and a healthy body have a romantic equation between them. The human body for a larger part of its health is almost always dependent on proteins. Usually, you would read about meat, eggs and other poultry products being rich sources of proteins. But that does not mean that one cannot find enough protein in a vegetarian diet plan. There are some great vegetarian sources of proteins to which vegetarians can rely on. Here are the top 10 vegetarian foods rich in proteins.



Almonds are little powerhouses of proteins. Literally, almonds are incredibly rich in protein. And the fact that per ounce of almonds has 6 grams of protein to offer as very evident of the same.

Cottage Cheese


Cottage cheese is enormously loaded with proteins. Half a cup of cottage cheese has as much as 14 grams of proteins. And that is as good as any other source of protein.

Peanut Butter


Peanut butter offers 3 grams of protein in one tablespoon. It is also very relishing when it comes to taste. And it is a good thing to have in your kitchen. You can eat it with different things or even have a peanut smoothie or shake.

Chia Seeds


The chia seeds also give 3 grams of proteins in one tablespoon. Which makes this a very efficient source of proteins. Not just chia seeds but also hemp seeds make a great source of protein for the human body. Hemp seeds have 4 grams of proteins for 1 tbs.



Chickpeas are a world packed with proteins. And make an excellent choice for a vegetarian protein rich diet. Chickpeas consist of four grams of proteins for 1/4 cup.

Green peas


If chickpeas are rich in proteins green peas are no less. Green peas offer 8 grams of proteins per cup which is just amazing for a source of protein.



Greek yogurt has 23 grams of proteins per cup to offer. It is a great thing to make yogurt a part of the daily diet. Given its goodness in terms of more than just being rich in proteins.

Soy Milk

Soy Milk

Soy milk is a very powerful source of proteins. It contains almost 7 grams of proteins per cup which is incredible. Besides just being a great source of proteins it also offers high amounts of calcium and vitamin D. Soy milk also has a refreshing taste which makes a good vet.



Bananas and other fruits almost all fruits and vegetables contain protein. But mostly the amount is nominal. Banana is one of the fruits which have larger amounts of proteins to offer. Which makes it an excellent choice. You can even make a banana smoothie or Advan Anas to oatmeal to have the most of it deliciously. Other fruits rich in protein include blueberries, guava, Marbury’s, blackberries and others.



Spinach is one of the best vegetables for proteins. It consists of about 5 grams of proteins per cup cooked and that makes it a great source of proteins. Broccoli and other green vegetables to make good sources of proteins.