10 Best Low Carb Fruits to Include in Your Diet

Fruits are necessary for having a healthy body. They not only contain different nutrients but also very effective in controlling various life-threatening diseases.

However, with the fast life, people have shifted their food choices which hardly include fruits and even if they do there are more of fruit juices, packaged ones which contain more unhealthy sweeteners than nutrients of the fruit.

Fruits Low in Sugar

If you are looking for losing weight, controlling your sugar level, and you are fond of fruits then you must know these 10 fruits which are higher nutrients but low in sugar content and carbs as well:



If you are checking your carbohydrate intake in a day, then you must choose berries to be a part of your diet. Berries, especially, the blackberries contain hardly any carb. Strawberries contain 5.68 grams of carbohydrates on a net basis, while blackberries contain only 4.31 grams in a total of 100 grams of the berries.



Avocado is a great fruit all together as it has several health benefits. The best part is, it contains only 8.53 grams of carbon total, but deducting the 6.75 grams of fiber from it. The net carb it contains is 100 grams in only 1.83 grams which can be neglected.



The sweet juicy peaches might seem high on carbohydrates, where there are only 8.04 grams of carbs in 100 grams of peaches. If you are thinking of having a fruit snack you can just have peaches with cottage cheese and give yourself a healthy treat.



If you are a watermelon lover then you cannot stay away from it in the summer. You do not need to even, as the carb content is only 7.55 grams in 100 grams of watermelon and also has fiber in little amounts to this, little carb also gets absorbed. It is high in vitamin A and full of water to hydrate your heat struck body.



If you want to have a glass of fresh fruit juice without affecting your sugar level and not to increase your carbohydrate count, then this orange melon is just right for you. It is low on fructose and contains only 7.26 grams of carb in 100 grams of the fruit. You can mix it with water, lime, and even eat with tuna salad.



100 grams of this fruit only contains 8.29 grams of carbohydrates. This is another melon family fruit which is also rich in vitamin C. That is not the end! It also contains potassium which is great for maintaining your blood pressure and helps in better metabolism. It also keeps the pH balance intact.



Kiwi is a fruit which is also referred to as berries in many regions, but it’s unique looking fleshy fruit is excellent for health. It contains only 6 grams of carbon sugar in one Kiwi. It is also high in vitamin C which is good for your skin.



Oranges are almost everyone’s favorite and winter is incomplete without oranges. However, many might have been living with a myth that it contains a lot of sugar but only 12 grams of sugar are found in one full-grown orange.



In a medium sized half grapefruit, only 9 grams of sugar is found. This is a citrus fruit which might not taste a lot sugary but tastes great. It can be a significant component of healthy breakfast.



Lemon is a fruit that is being used on a daily basis. It is a citrus fruit. it contains a very low amount of sugar in it. One lemon might only have one to 2 grams of sugar content.