10 Best Destinations for Honeymoon Around the World

Today we’re looking at the best destinations for Honeymoon. It’s time to talk about traveling and honeymoon options, if you’re looking for ideas or luxurious places to go for your honeymoon then this post is for you.

Here we have 10 best destinations for honeymoon around the world for newly weds couples who need a few days to cuddle up and relax. So that they can start their life together as husband and wife properly.

Honeymoons and romantic tourism makes money each year even though most of the money goes into the planning of the wedding party. The honeymoon is also on the list and most couples choose exotic locations, so it can end up costing quite a bit in the USA alone an average of 2.4 million weddings are officiated every year.

Therefore more than one honeymoon most couples spend around eight thousand to ten thousand dollars on their honeymoon and when they get there, they might indulge a little with fancy dinners and trips. Because it was pre planned so the excitement is at maximum levels. Come Lets check out the destinations.

Santorini, Greece

Santorinin, Greece

There is something about Greece that makes everyone completely fall in love with it out of all the amazing Greek islands Santorini has the most amazing views and architecture so it’s the perfect destination for your honeymoon.

It’s even prettier in person than in pictures, and nothing but romance awaits you at every corner, accommodations in Santorini are the best. Most hotels have incredible views and private pools, you can enjoy breakfast on the terrace and then start your day walking around shopping for souvenirs and watching the sunset.

There’s a bunch of great options for restaurants like Archipelagos, and Ambrosia which is the ultimate place to have dinner and enjoy local wines. If you want to go on to the sea there are various yachts that offer luxurious day trips.

Ambrosia Restaurant
Greek Islands
Greek Islands

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Forget the image you have about Russia being a cold dark place with sad people and communism all around because that’s not really real this vast country which actually is the biggest country by size, has it all mountains, the Arctic seas, the ocean, and most importantly cosmopolitan cities, one of them is st. Petersburg which you might have heard about if you’ve ever read some Russian literature.

There are few cities with such huge and detailed architectural buildings like st. Petersburg everything is luxurious big golden and quite colorful. It’s a prosperous City modern cultural and has an opening to the Baltic Sea.

The old city center is now a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to the biggest museum in the world. The Hermitage Museum, if you want to feel and live like a King this city is the best option for you and your partner.

If you go in the summer the Sun barely sets, so you can enjoy the White Nights as the Russians call them.

The Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage Museum



If you don’t get proposed or married in India then you definitely need to go there for your honeymoon. Their culture and religion abundance and God and deep meanings of life making this place incredibly romantic and suitable for visiting and relaxing.

If you go to India from July to September there are a bunch of festivals dedicated to Parvati the goddess of love and marriage where people will pray and give gifts to her that she will ensure they have a happy marriage sounds perfect for newlyweds.

India is all about respect, tradition, and love, good food, pink sunsets, and mindfulness. It’s the trip of a lifetime and if you don’t do it now while you’re young later when you have children there may not be time for it.

Go for spiritualism and don’t worry India has plenty of five-star hotels and castles where you can stay.

The Taj Mahal Hotel
The Taj Mahal in Agra. Hotel Taj Mumbai.



Moving on with more romantic destinations all the way to the desert and in Morocco this country offers you the perfect passage into another world through their culture, food, and landscapes.

They have openings to the sea the desert and mountains so in a matter of days you can experience it all it’s full of colors it’s sunny, peaceful, a little exotic, and very beautiful.

There’s beauty at every corner and if you find accommodations with Interior gardens, you will not want to leave this place forever Shakshuka every morning, tea in the afternoon, riding the camels, YSL museum, and a lot of shopping are just the highlights of your honeymoon.

A big plus is if you visit the northern region of the country where they grow a lot of cannabis, and hashish, you can also enjoy that because it’s quite tolerated by the authorities since the country is the world’s top exporter of cannabis. This makes for a very chill honeymoon.

YSL museum
Yves Saint Laurent museum



Hawaii is the most favored destination for honeymooners for many reasons. We’ve all seen the photos the beaches and the flower crowns. So what’s not to love about it especially if you’re spending it with the love of your life, other than steep prices there’s nothing stopping Americans to choose Hawaii as their honeymoon destination no matter what island you choose for your stay luxurious experiences awaits you everywhere.

Places like Alan Wong’s restaurant where President Barack Obama dines or a private chef are just a few choices for dinner people can also rent vintage cars and drive around the coastline for sunsets, or have a spa day. You just can’t get bored in Hawaii

Split, Croatia

Split Croatia

Another great destination for your honeymoon in Europe is Croatia. It might be a little crowded and hyped about since they almost won the 2018 World Cup, but there are so many amazing destinations that you need a whole month to fully enjoy all of it. Maybe that’s why they call it a honeymoon.

The Dalmatian coast offers the best mix of city nature and seaside, the country is quite small with an equally small population but infinite beauty.

Honeymooners often tour the whole country. So they can visit Dubrovnik, Zadar or the Plitvice lakes, sailing and romantic dinners with views over the Dalmatian coast.

A must if you visit this place especially in the summer and if you want to be the best spouse in the world then book a trip to Galician Island, or lovers Island, a heart-shaped landmass only discovered in 2009 for a full-on romantic experience.

Dalmatian coast

Mozambique, Africa

Mozambique, Africa

If islands and old historic cities are not your cup of tea maybe a little adventure and a shift of landscape will do more justice. Africa has so many great things to offer and it’s yet not an overcrowded destination while the nature, animals, culture, and one of the best places to chill on the beach.

Hiking, swimming, beach resorts, romantic dinners, and safari trips, are just the tip of the iceberg because Mozambique has so much to offer its raw wild and surprisingly luxurious.

There are many resorts and restaurants where you can celebrate your love it might be a little farther than some destinations, but if you stay longer than a week it’ll be more than worth your time and money.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

One of the most beautiful places on earth is definitely Bora Bora, this island is located in the middle of the ocean and it will have you falling in love forever with exotic islands,
white sands, and palm trees, it’s the best place to go for a full luxurious honeymoon far away from home nothing happensĀ here.

It’s paradise on earth they have the best over the water bungalows which are extremely luxurious villas that offers straight access into the ocean or to a lagoon private beaches and
one of the best restaurants in the world.

With a wide selection of seafood champagne and desserts there isn’t any other place best suited for honeymooners. Just remember to get a GoPro for all the underwater and sunset pictures.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Mostly honeymooners used social media and google to research their destinations in the last year.

Southeast Asia has been seeing a huge wave of tourists, especially in Thailand Indonesia, and Vietnam, apparently Bali seems to be looking like the best place since most people choose to go there and enjoy the jungle exotic fruits and infinity pools.

Bali is amazing different and not very expensive. Some popular resorts like The Seminyak Beach Resort, Amadea Resort & Villas, Melia Bali, Alaya Resort Ubud and many more offers exquisite VIP services private pools.

Breakfast in bed spas, and everything you could ever think of beaches, lagoons, elephant, sanctuaries. It all makes Bali the perfect place where you can reconnect with yourself and your husband or wife while also making the best memories together with the island
being quite big.

Blue lagoons

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Most Italian cities are romantic full of history and good, but somehow Venice is the most visited and well-known in the entire country why is that. The whole city breathes romance, kisses, and the gondolas, old historic squares, and canals, where you can get lost late at night.

It’s the city where couples thrive and to reignite that flame, especially if you’re visiting during the spring and summer. Since you’re on your honeymoon usually for a week long besides the whole sightseeing. Pizza, wine, and gelato, you might think of other great things like watching a ballet performance at the La Fenice theater or enjoying the perfect date night at the Algiubagio Restaurant, which is the most luxurious restaurant that also offers a waterside Terrace for privacy and full romance.

If you’re the stay in bed all day kind of couple and probably get jet-lagged then up for the
Amon Hotel a sixteenth century building which is the most luxurious property in the entire city its lavish, bourgeois, and very comfortable, plus it has a canal view.

Algiubagio Restaurant & Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice
Algiubagio Restaurant & Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice

once you get there there’s plenty to do and since it’s your honeymoon take your time and relax.

You know they say marriage is hard and full of sacrifices, but it doesn’t have to be that way
traveling is one of those things that can help couples reconnect and fall in love all over again.

It’s the best to get away from day-to-day life and as a married couple, it starts with your honeymoon no matter where you choose to go make sure you do it and plan ahead wisely.